Birthday Lunch at Beautiful Blue Water Grill

Yesterday I turned 45.  Now I can think less about 45 (the President of the US is being referenced more and more by his number) and more about me, me, me.  I think it’ll be a good year for me…perhaps not so much for him.

We did a few things yesterday but I took a bunch of photos of the fabulous birthday lunch that I celebrated at Blue Water Grill.  Their lunch menu – which has changed a bunch over the years – is SOOOO GOOD.  I used to consider BWG a favorite – an always recommended spot for dinner – but the lunch!  Once they added all the delicious salads…and the poke bowl with fresh tuna…and the pork belly tacos?   I’m hooked.  (Mmmm…here’s the menu)

Plus….the view ain’t bad.  Here are my photos from yesterday’s lunch.

These guys really do.  When you go, check out their monthly match program.  They match all donations…this month they are working for our town’s polyclinic.  So blood tests can be done on-island.

Pretty poke bowl and delicious sweet peanut pork belly tacos with a rice wine vinegar slaw.  SO GOOD.

Perfect.  And Janine, the hostess at BWG is celebrating HER birthday too.  40!

That whippersnapper.  The dessert menu was sent over for a free birthday cake…or creme brulee.  How good do these sound?

The cheesecake is LEGIT.  So freaking good…the candied pecans tip it over the top.  Enough so that I needed to get home and take a birthday nap.

Don’t judge.  I’m 45!

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