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Light Up Your Neighborhood: Order a Streetlight!

I live 7 miles north on Ambergris Caye.  This beautiful area was considered “out in da bush” just a few years ago and is starting to develop a bit more.  The paving of the road north – from the bridge to about Mile 3.5 – in 2014/2015 makes travel so much easier.  See below for a picture of the “road” in the rainy season before it was fixed.

This progress, ease of travel, makes more development inevitable.

View from the bridge

Earlier this year, this paved stretch was lit up with street lights.  Hurray!

Safety, ease of driving…great news for all.  Until Mile 3.5.

But there are resorts and homes north of there (and south of town).  And the road north, while hard packed, is riddled with holes.  (The last time the grader went through was April 2018)  And driving is slow.  AND DARK!

Here is the road north before any work was done.

December 2014
April 2015
April 2018 – Grading

So when my neighbor sent me this information, it seemed too good to be true.  Anyone can put in an order for a street light.  Or three.  This can be ordered by a resort or an individual (or an organized neighborhood group.)

BEL will install the light and the electricity will be billed to you.

Here is the basic information:  “BEL installs an LED light on the post you identify by the number (on a metal plate on each pole) and you pay only for the power consumption, roughly calculated for me at BZ$21 a month. “

He submitted his work order last month – and BEL suggests that you get in orders as soon as possible.  So they can do a bulk order.

I’ll let you know the timing as soon as I know it…but this seems so great.  Especially for me.  Walking the dogs at night…and I would love a brightly lit road for my infrequent night outings.

Simplistic to say but probably true in a bunch of circumstances:  Bad things happen in the dark.

Bring on the street lights!

Here is the application form:

Street Lights for Individual Customers Application

And PLEASE…let me know what you think!


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6 thoughts on “Light Up Your Neighborhood: Order a Streetlight!

  1. anonymoose

    oh brother…another gringo wants street lights…. forget that… I’d rather see all the stars lit-up … than have street lights.
    they are party to, destruction of the beauty of the island.
    [ might I suggest- jamming one where the sun don’t shine…!!!]

  2. Ambergris Gringo

    To Anonymoose.. if your head wasn’t so far up yours, the world would look much brighter!

    1. mysteryboy

      Anonymoose…….Poster boy for blog filtering & blocking. Marty Casado had it right years ago.

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