My Old Stomping Ground & CONSTRUCTION!!!! A Walk From San Pedro Town South

For almost 9 years I lived south of San Pedro.  For a few years at the Belize Yacht Club, now called the Island Yacht Club.  And then another mile or so south at a place called Royal Palms.

Both were rental condos.  And from both, I walked to San Pedro town at least 4 or 5 times a week for groceries, errands, for everything…

I now live 7 miles north!  No walk to town from here…but a sometimes bumpy, always 40+ minute golf cart ride to San Pedro.

And I hardly ever get south of town.  So I decided to take that walk – I hadn’t done it in 2 years?  Since Hurricane Earl.

Here’s what I saw as I headed south from Blue Water Grill.

I think you’ll be as shocked as I was by the NUMBER OF PROJECTS!  HOLY CHANGE!  I estimate about 400 rooms coming on-line over the next few years.

Just south of Blue Water Grill – practically touching it.  The Diamante project.

You can take a look at the pictures that I took in September of 2014…and the ground breaking earlier that year.

I headed toward Ramon’s Village.  The water everywhere is churned up and dark due to the sargasso coming in…

But once you get away from the beach, it’s back to blue.

Next up – the Belikin dock and home.  Beautifully, comfortingly unchanged.

And the Island Academy.

Just south this large house…new in the last few years.

The Island Yacht Club.Just south, a project that has been starting and stopping since I moved here in 2007.  Sands Villas.

The pool looks nice…

Down the beach is a sales office for the newly announced but yet to be constructed Marriott Residences.  The website says “199 studio and two-bedroom condominium homes”

Below is the private home that used to be on the sight where the blue sales office now stands.  You may remember that it burned down a few years ago.  (Photo from 2015)

The very popular Crazy Canucks Bar – all of Exotic Caye (including Crazy Canuck’s) are slated to be the Marriott Residences.

Next up is another new project called Royal Kahal – here is the facebook link – the website is down.

 Next up is the Corona Del Mar Hotel

A few empty lots…And very pretty Coral Bay Villas.They’ve got a new sign at Caribbean Villas Resort.  (You can check out my stay there last December)Next door may have been my biggest shock!  Not because it is the largest but because I didn’t even know it was happening!  You can’t see anything from the street side.

This large lot (between Xanadu Resort and Caribbean Villas) has been empty – with just a crumbling house – since my very first visit to San Pedro.  Here’s a photo from 2011.

Now…THIS.  A huge construction project.

Does anyone know what it is?

Xanadu Resort is next.

A smaller project…

And then down towards Banyan Bay. Where the empty land all around it is going to be another development under the Marriott umbrella.  There is a model home down there but here is the website for the overview.  Holy moly.

The room total:  “The idyllic beachfront resort will feature 56 two-bedroom condominiums with lock off option and eight oceanfront villas, totaling 120 keys when completed in 2020”

This whole area is fenced off.

We cut thru to the street.  MAN!  The August heat is…hot!  And Regina’s Paletas

is like an oasis.

Tambran.  Watermelon-Lime.  DELICIOUS!

When down south, you MUST stop in Robin’s Kitchen for BBQ Jerk Chicken and a icy paleta afterward.

Heaven in the south.

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