The 2018 Uniform Parade Through the HOT Streets of San Pedro

September 10th.  The first national Holiday in a month that feels like one long holiday in Belize.  Yesterday celebrates a small crew of Brits and their slaves ousting the pesky Spanish once and for all in 1798 – the Battle of St George’s Caye.

September 21st, my home of Belize turns 37 years old.

Yesterday was the Uniform Parade.  My phone told me it was 82 degrees.  Add 100% humidity – it did start raining briefly – and about 18 degrees to that temperature.  September is RED HOT.  Umbrellas (for sun and rain) were handed out to the pageant queens – and the kids…all in their school uniforms roasted in the sun.

It’s a September tradition and MAN.  Do I love a parade.

I took about 89 pictures of this be-glittered gentleman.  He will be finding glitter at the bottom of his shower for months…years.  I LOVE THE COMMITMENT!  Go big or go home.

Perhaps THE perfect day to sell ice with syrup.

Glitter, head to toes.


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