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El Secreto Resort is Closed and Here’s What It Looks Like

Rumors have been flying over the past few months.  That El Secreto Resort at mile 11 Ambergris Caye is closed.  Indefinitely.

The website is down as are their social media accounts.  Google has them marked as “Permanently Closed” and the last TripAdvisor review is from April 2018.

A bit shocking.  This 5-star “barefoot luxury” resort was opened with quite a bit of fanfare and excitement in late 2012.  I remember the buzz about rooms, lighting and tvs, all controlled by an IPad that came with your room.  Over the last few years there have been gorgeous Instagram photos from those staying there.

See some GORGEOUS pictures here, from this travel blog.  Wowzer.

I decided to take a drive up the coast to check it out.  The road proper ends at about Mile 9 – and then there is more of a path along the beach.

**A few quick notes:  There is security with quite a few dogs there.

I don’t know why the resort closed.

The owners/developers of El Secreto were affiliated with the purchase of Caye Chapel a few years ago.  I did check with a rep for the new Caye Chapel – Four Seasons Development and they are not part of the current team.

Here is what I saw at 11 miles north.

Still so beautiful.  I had never been to the back of the property – there are beautiful over the water villas there over what used to be a pond.

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7 thoughts on “El Secreto Resort is Closed and Here’s What It Looks Like

  1. erictomlin

    What a shame. We took the shuttle boat there from Indigo when we were there about a year and a half ago. It was beautiful and our daughters said it was one of the highlights of out trip.

  2. TarheelBornGal

    That is really sad. Just another dashed dream in Belize. One can only imagine the money that went into that, all gone. I suspect their distance from town may have done them in, but it could have been something else entirely. Hate seeing things like this, but perhaps someone will buy it and resurrect it. Looks like there is still something there worth saving.

  3. Mori LaChappelle

    Looks like it would be a perfect place to set up a “Retired Canadian Long Term Rental Village” Lots of Retirees here that do not want the onus of ownership but want to hang out in Belize for $1000.00 a month rent on a nice secure property that has common property and maintenance. It’s what I’m looking for in a couple years. Going to check out Placencia this December for the “End of The World Marathon” and the next trip will be to San Pedro.

    1. sanpedroscoop

      All I need is a room with a plunge pool and 1000 thread count sheets! I’m guessing…and just a guess…that there will be debts to figure out and bank loans to pay off but that some hotelier buys it? Maybe? Just a guess. It’s far too beautiful now to just leave aside…

      1. Mori LaChappelle

        I did a little more research and it looks like it’s either an expansion project with a massive amount of concrete, OR, there are lots of people in suits hanging around there nearly daily adding up the losses. The reviews appear to be excellent as was the condition of the property. Apparently had a sewage problem of some kind that might have caused a shutdown and rebuild, I would think it would be a pretty tough spot to get rid of all the wastewater they must have consumed.

  4. marysaunders

    Composting above-ground level is practicable. There is a guy in Arizona, at one of the universities, who has come up with an official method that meets government standards there. I can’t remember his name right now, but he is a friend of Ole Ersson, an M.D. who is also working on getting a system approved for Portland. If the big quake hits Portland, Ole has perhaps already trained enough people on a 5-gallon bucket method that the entire town would need to use. The SOIL project in Haiti, nearer, also has a years-long project that is working to overcome the disastrous “help” Haiti got, after a big quake. SOIL used biomass from brewing for some time, although I do not know if they still have access to that. Nonetheless, they have been able to grow so much more with the method, maybe they do not need biomass from the beer industry any more. Somebody needs to get in there soon though. The longer it is not tended, the more difficult and expensive it will be to fix. I do not know if I can tag Christopher Nesbitt from here–probably not, but I will see about tagging him on fb. He is in the south of Belize and likely also knows how to do this.

  5. marysaunders

    You can find Christopher Nesbitt, of Maya Mountain Research Farm, on fb. Maybe he can brainstorm something. He has a lot of connections both in Belize and out.

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