Friday Recap: Chic New Look at Red Ginger & Sargasso Clean-Up

September and October in Belize have a rhythm all their own.  Much of it imposed by the HEAT!  Steamy hot – bright sun in the morning, torrential downpour at lunch, cloudy late afternoon- tropical weather.

It’s the low season – which means the tourist flow slows – and many businesses take some time off…to renovate and take a bit of time off.

Here’s a photo of Elvi’s Kitchen yesterday.  The door and its surround were getting a new paint job.

It’s a time of year when a golf cart ride into town means waving at pretty much every cart.  Most people here now live here.  A good time to get to know your neighbors.

Yesterday I ran a bunch of errands and took some pictures in town.  First on my list was:  Stop by Red Ginger Restaurant at the Phoenix Resort.

They re-opened yesterday after a few weeks closed and are sporting a COMPLETELY new lookI’d been watching the updates on Instagram and saw the installation of Cle Tiles (I’ve been obsessed about these terracotta gorgeous tiles for a few years now)…

And then I saw these wall lights going up and recognized a company that’s make these chandeliers that I’m also in love with…

I had to stop in before yesterday’s lunch…when everything was all new and sparkly…to take a look.  I love it.

Total Palm Beach tropical apertif-chic.  WALL PAPER IN BELIZE!  Just beautiful.

And on a less fresh, airy and beautiful note.  Sargasso.  The word that we’d rather not speak…can’t be ignored any longer.

Since mid-February, there has been a historic influx of this stuff – not just in Belize but along the Yucatan and much of the Caribbean.  It ebbs and flows and right now…it’s really flowing.

2015 was a terrible year for it also – again starting in February and then ending in October.  Change of ocean temperature?  Winds?  Currents?  Probably all of those factors.

Earlier this week, the San Pedro Town Council declared an emergency.  And called on town residents to mobilize – 2 days of concentrated work along our coast.

Dirty HARD work.

The sargasso was not helping.  Overnight even MORE had come in.

And while Central Park was looking fantastic – GO TEAM…some of the areas with docks and seawalls…it had really built up…

I am not sure how this is going to be fixed in the long run…but I do know that this is a step in the right direction.  We all need to work together to get this done.

Information is going to be key.

Thanks everyone SO MUCH for your grueling clean up efforts.

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