Hip Hip Hooray! It Was the 10th Day of September…

First…let’s play the song.

And sing! I love this song.  (ALMOST as much as my fave fave fave – Tell Them That You Born There)

It was the 10th day of September
In ninety-eight Anno Domini
when our fore-fathers
won the glorious fight
at Old St. George’s Caye
Hip! Hip! Hurrah. Hip! Hip! Hurrah.
Then hail them – cheer them.
Let our grateful loyal hearts not fail them,
as we march and sing and shout in merry glee
The Battle of St. George’s Caye.
Hip! Hip! Hurrah. Hip! Hip! Hurrah.

Our first official holiday of September – Belize’s month celebrating Independence – is tomorrow, September 10th, to celebrate the Battle of St George’s Caye.

In San Pedro, the town is decked out with red, white and blue.  (I’m headed down to decorate the cart in a few minutes – September also comes with HOT WEATHER and MOSQUITOS!  No month is perfect)  And tomorrow is the crowning of Miss San Pedro and, at 10am, the Uniform Parade.

Here’s a look…

And some pictures around town.

My favorite shirt that I’ve seen around this year.

At this shop on the north side of town (sorry about the shadowing!)

You can see this year’s Independence Slogan.  Belize Da Fi Wi, Now and Forever – 8867

I dig it.  All 8867 square miles are for us.  With the huge issue of Guatemala claiming sovereignty over a huge chunk of Belize, it’s so fitting.

PLUS, for all of you 80s folks, I feel like there could be a great song here.  Tommy Tutone.  Jenny 867-5309.

I’m showing my age.

Back to pics around town.

You’ll see flags for Mexican independence around town too – many of the San Pedro forefathers are of Mexican descent.  Sept 16.

Tomorrow morning is the crowning and the parade.

Usually it’s in the back football field…and it’s ALWAYS a red hot morning.  But the flyer says Central Park this time.  Bring lots of cold drinks.

See you there!

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