Sept 1st. End of Summer? Not in Belize!

As those in the US of A have their last hurrah…last big weekend at the beach, last wearing for those white linen shorts (NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!), last summer BBQ or clam boil…here in Belize, this time of year feels like the heart of summer.

Autumn officially begins on September 21st – Belize’s Independence Day – but in my book, September and October can be some of the hottest, stickiest months of the year.  The heat is ON…and the weather is at her most stormiest.

The sea is WARM…the air is humid and there are tropic waves in the Carribbean.   (Keep an eye on National Hurricane Center)

I’ll say it again – THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOUR VACATION IS GOING TO BE RAINED OUT!  It means you should pack a few extra thingsPerhaps have some ideas for some rainy afternoon activities.  And be THANKFUL that a late afternoon rain burst is #1 BEAUTIFUL and #2 going to save you from the SERIOUS sunburn that this Caribbean sun can give even the most careful.

Here are lots of photos that I took this week – most at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly, many of our new dog Frannie (named after the lagoon the camp sits on) – showing how beautiful the weather at this time of year can be.  We did get some morning bursts of rain…but all passing showers that our flowers and trees are just loving.


  1.  September is a MONTH of celebration – starting with the Miss San Pedro Pageant on Sept 1st – ending with the CRAZY FUN PARADE for September 21st, Independence Day.  This ALONE is worth visiting for.  (I just played the song here – look at the pictures – it’s SO FUN)

2.  Low prices – flights, hotels, worth the visit

3.  BIRD MIGRATION!  Hundreds of species fly to or over Belize on their way from north (US, Canada, Mexico) to warmer climes.

But I digress…I ALWAYS digress…lemme just show you the pictures.

For a dog that spent LOTS of time walking around San Pedro – she is shockingly comfortable on a boat.  The first one in.  And right out from letting her tongue wave in the wind.

Elsie loves the camp too…but it’s old hat.  And the late August heat has her napping more than usual.

Beautiful weather.

I hope you all are having a great weekend.  Happy Labor Day USA and Happy September all.


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