Sherlette, Queen Of the San Pedro Jump Up Parade, IS BACK!

The 2018 Jump Up Parade for September 21st – Independence Day was extra awesome this year.  It just seemed a little bit longer…a little bit more colorful…super fun.

And despite the fact that it is always BLAZING hot in late September in Belize (think 100% humidity and temperature that feels over 100) and the parade always starts a bit late…I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

There is a bigger parade in Orange Walk, Belize on the 21st – and ONE DAY, I keep saying, I will totally make it to that one.  But I just can’t seem to rip myself away from San Pedro.

This year it was SO GOOD to see some of the schools participating again.  There has been a bit of controversy in years past…about kids and drinking (many of the floats have coolers and bartenders!) but I love to see Island Academy and ABC Pre-School parading again.

So here’s a look back at some historical (and recent) photos.  I always wish I had taken old photos all over San Pedro – and of everyone.  I wish I had more photos of the sand streets when I first moved here.  Or buildings before they were torn down – like BC’s Bar.

But the parade provides me a good look back.  I’ll start with the woman I call the Queen of San Pedro Jump Up – Sherlette – who KILLS it for ABC Pre-School every single year.

2011 as a Blue Morpho Butterfly.





The only year we had a rain out and the parade was postponed!

And now BACK for 2018!

Now don’t get me wrong…we have many others who are awesome year after year after year.

We have Walter.



Wait…why am I the only one aging?!?!

And Amy from Wild Mango’s…awesome.





And Miss San Pedro…





2015 Miss San Pedro



And TOTAL EXTRA CREDIT for wearing this thick velvet cape in the heat!


And then there is DJ Debbie.  But Sherlette?  You’ve stole my heart.  It’s not a parade without you.




2017 Debbie

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