Cake and Other Things On Ambergris Caye

Mid October and things are quiet on Ambergris Caye.  We are muddling through the low season (arguably at the slowest September to US Thanksgiving).  Businesses are starting to re-open after vacations and renovations.  The news cycle – at least MY news cycle – is slow.

The tropical unrest that was hovering off the coast of Central America blew by.  Winds and churned seas but little else for Ambergris Caye.

Just like we like it.

It’s still quite breezy but things will be settling down as we go into the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend – I’ll be attending an event pretty far out of my comfort zone.  And will report back.

I’ve never seen “fights in a cage” in person or on TV and I don’t like the sound of it…but I did enjoy the boxing events that used to be held in San Pedro….so maybe?  (Check out these boxing pictures from 2011 – Belize pummels Mexico!)

Let me offer you snap shots – things that catch my eye around San Pedro.

If you’ve ever wondered how a potlicker – a dog that roams around town – would adapt to a life of being inside.

They make it work.

Photos around town.

The Chinese fast food place tucked into the side of Big Daddy’s Nightclub.  I’ve never been…

One of my weaknesses…cake!  Almost every day…around 1:30pm…the “cake lady” opens up her folding table and unpacks two boxes of homemade cakes.  $5bzd a slice.  Middle Street, right in front of the post office.

Yesterday I got the tri-colored cake with the caramel topping.  AYE!  It’s delicious.  As is the cheesecake and the flan/brownie and the dense almost cheesecake-like flan…oh man.  Dangerous.

Briana’s is open again – THANK GOODNESS!  And I LOVE THE CILANTRO RICE!

Halloween is around the corner and I love how offices and banks decorate for this holiday.  Paying my phone bill…

Let’s head north of the bridge.

The weather was sun as I left town…

The Secret Beach hasn’t been a secret for a few years now…but I think we officially need to rename it when BTB puts up a sign.

As I headed north the clouds turned darker and darker until I quickly pulled into Costa Blu Resort.  I knew I wouldn’t make it the last mile or so home.

And now way too many photos of the wild amaryllis that are about to bloom on the beach path next to our house.  Waist high, a scent so strong that once these open, we’ll smell them hundreds of feet away.

Called Milk & Wine Lily in the indispensable Plants of Caye Caulker.

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