Three Belize Brands & Products That Might Get Me Traveling!

There is so much going on across Belize – and my favorite way to see it all is Instagram.  Following people that travel the country or just skimming thru the pictures of those visiting…it’s a great way to check out the entire country.

Like Chef Sean Kuylen visiting a seaweed farm on one of the southern cayes…

Follow this guy – he REALLY gets around.

Here are my 11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Belize.

Here are some cool new products and places that I discovered over the last few weeks…things I NEED to know more about.   Site visits are DEFINITELY in order!

A New Beer

WHAT??!!?!  A new beer is a BIG deal in Belize.  When I first moved here in 2007, Belikin was EVERYTHING.  And then in 2009 – a treaty was signed and trade was opened with other CARICOM countries.

Red Stripe from Jamaica and Heinekin brewed in St Lucia and Carib from T&T – I’ve seen Banks from Barbados in the south and Kubuli – the beer of tiny Dominica.  We even have the beer of Jimmy Buffett – Landshark.

Is there anything he doesn’t put his name on?

We had a micro-brew once…but it never truly took off.  (Collectors – no emails please!  I don’t have any cans for your collection)

But CHECK THIS OUT!  A beer that says it is brewed and bottled in San Ignacio.  But then…

Like I said.  I need to know more about 501 Lager.  And it seems like I’m going to have to travel to get it.

Swirly Head Wines

You don’t normally think of BELIZE when you think of wine.  Though we do have a RIDICULOUS variety of fruit wines made locally across the country.  Basically – you can make wine out of ANY fruit and lots and lots of sugar.

Eeek…even potato!

I wrote a bit about this product – Swirly Head Wines – a few years back.  But I JUST saw that he is doing a few new flavors…and a sparkling wine!


Dry Starfruit wine!

These wines are not so sugar heavy, have some cool new labels AND are made at a very interesting Maya site slash eco-hostel.  All in all…intriguing!

Gourmet DONUTS

You can read here (like I just did) on Donut vs. Doughnut and how Dunkin changed grammar!

I never considered myself a donut gal.  Scone vs. donut?  Always scone.  Or coffee cake.  Or bagel.  Or muffin.

But I DO love a good fried donut.  NO FILLING.  NO pasty icing.  Jelly?  BLECH.  Just brown…maybe a little crispy with a dense, hopefully spiced inside.  If you can get it out of the fryer?  Yum.

SO WHEN I SAW THESE ON INSTAGRAM…it got my mouth watering.

And looks at these cool flavors.

This is exactly what I want my donut to look like.  Not blue or pink.  No toof breaking sprinkles.

Cardamom?  Earl Grey +Lavender?  YES!

Tonka beans?  I looked it up and found this:

They have a strong fragrance similar to sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum) due to their high content of coumarin.

Woodruff?  Coumarin?  Fascinating!

I need to go check these guys out in Belize City IMMEDIATELY!  Check out their website.  One dozen is $20bzd!  And they deliver in Belize City for 3 bucks!  I think I see a delivery to Tropic Air (one way ticket to San Pedro for the donuts) in my very near future.

So…if you have discovered any new and exciting businesses, let me know!  I am playing to get to Cayo and Punta Gorda by the end of the year.  All fingers crossed.


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