Gorgeous HOT Weather, Sad Dogs, Losers and A Hospital?

Jeff is out of town and when I’m not busy taking semi-staged, sad dog pictures to forward him…

Subject:  Dad, My Days are Empty Without You – Frannie

Subject:  When Are You Coming Home Dad? -Elsie

I’ve been out and about running ERRANDS.  Food and hardware shopping for the camp…blogging and writing projects for me…what seems like a constant food supply for the pets and just home stuff.

Here’s a picture of a few blog-working hours from yesterday.  Gorgeous Las Terrazas.

But hold up!  Life’s not all easy breezy.  In fact, things I took for granted all my life require some extra effort on Ambergris Caye.  Water?  We collect it in a cistern.  And at the camp, we make it from sea water.  Gas for cooking?  It doesn’t just come from a pipe in your wall…you need to load a HEAVY tank in the golf cart and get a propane refill in town and then reconnect it.

Trash?  We drop it off at Joker’s dock over Back A Back Street for a monthly fee.

The view from my trash drop off point.

And a bunch of other photos from my last day or so.  It’s been HOT.  This blue heron panting on the Terrazas dock.

This five story building at Grand Caribe Resort is a flurry of workers and activity.  I asked management what it is and was told a medical facility but that additional details weren’t yet available.

It looks like a helipad on top!

I believe this is going to be a private facility which is great but…man.  We’ve been waiting for a hospital on this island for a LONG time (here’s an article in 2015 where a loan was being secured – you can promises as far back as the 2003 UDP Manifesto)

As I headed over the bridge into town I noticed that the park in Boca Del Rio was getting filled.  The beach here has been BADLY eroded over the last few years and stakes were out in the water.  And this little machine was pushing around fill.

A look back…

And toward the sea.

See the stakes out there?

I bumped down a bit south along the sea and the new Losers Bar (here is a link to their Nashville bar) is REALLY coming along in Boca Del Rio.

I just found this.  Losers Bar at the MGM Grand in Vegas?  

Go big or go home Losers!

There was nothing here just a few months ago.

Here was the original plan.And here’s the current situation.

Back to work for me…


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