Halloween JUST Snuck Up On Me This Year!

Halloween is HUGE In San Pedro Belize.  But this year….it’s fallen off my radar.  Maybe it’s the fact that it falls on Wednesday?

Leaves you wondering WHAT weekend it will be celebrated on?

So I went thru some of my old photos of Halloween’s past.

And took a photo of the ONE Halloween decoration that I bought this year.  It looks great next to my gardening machete.

This WICKED spider bowl from A&R for $2.95bzd.  (They have a TON of great decorations this year for all your last minute Halloweeners)

And compiled the list of the big parties and events.  Here you go.

Start is off tomorrow, Wednesday October 24th with movie night at the Truck Stop.

Scream will be showing at 7pm.  And on Saturday October 27th – for Family Movie night.  Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

At Wayo’s Over The Water Bar.  (Please don’t tell Jeff they said “First Annual” – for some reason that makes him nuts.)

I’ll get them on the calendar…and if you attend Holiday Hotel…take pictures!  There is NO WAY I can stay up to 2am!

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