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Souvenirs! A Walk Through the San Pedro Artisan Market

Yesterday I visited the San Pedro Artisan Market for the first time ever.  Well…that’s not exactly true.  The booths were located in Central Park for years…under a large palapa.  But a few years back, they moved to the new location on Back Street.

(Here’s a blog post about the move in December 2015 and a photo of the palapa coming down)

And while I drive past here every day…often parking in the one central parking lot just next door…I’d never taken a walk around the booths.

I guess I just figured that I already knew…

But I didn’t.  Not at all.  Sure I’d seen some of the wooden bowls and beaded necklaces before but I found some new stuff…and bought a hammock for a great price…and saw some items that I’d really like to have.

Here are some pictures I took but first a few notes.

Note:   My very favorite part?  The vendors are super friendly and not aggressive.  After attempting market walks in places like Cancun…with hawkers sometimes shouting at you and following you…this was a sweet relief!  I got a little lesson in weaving in Jippi Jappa…and learning about “jungle zericote” vs. local zericote.

Note 2:  I asked two vendors if they were open to negotiation and they both said Yes.  Just information for your back pocket.

Note 3:  Some of the items are made in Belize (like baskets, wood carvings and art), many in Guatemala.  (See my post from Jan 2017 about some of the crafts in Guatemala…WOW)  The vendors were glad to tell me where the items are from.  If only Belize will do for you…ask!

On to the pictures.

I started at the one open kiosk just across the street.  She’s got a really cool array of things.  From shells to license plates.  AND the hammock that I purchased.

Beautiful old bottles.

Neat bike licenses from Belize City.  I forgot that I have a few of these…and I need to find them.  Get a ribbon on them.  And hang them on our camp Xmas tree.

Beautiful conch shells.  Trumpet conch and helmet conch I was told.

And then across the street.

Beautiful wooden bowls.  One of my favorite souvenirs from Belize.

I really like this small carved manatee.  The salesman told me that it would look even better polished…

Lots of beads.  I am drawn to anything that sparkles.  (And look!  There is a scientific reason for that!)

Beautiful art.  I spent a few minutes admiring this painting of a parrot fish – and I love the shape of the frame.

And then for some reason I was most smitten by these tiny jippi jappa turtles.  Perhaps because I had tried to make baskets of this fiber in Punta Gorda a few years back

This boy made it look easy.  TRUST me when I tell you it is NOT.

But they are so cute…they open and…man I want them all.

I need to go back and take a closer look.  “How much for ALL the turtles!”

I headed out to look for some lunch.  Passing up these BEYOND gorgeous strawberry vanilla eclairs at the French Bakery.

(It’s been a year and a half now and I’m still surprised that we can get fresh baguettes and french pastries in San Pedro, Belize)

And I also passed up my very favorite lunch spot – Briana’s Deli.  Their stew chicken is the best I’ve ever had but I was not in the mood for the special today…

I headed home to get some work done and to find a spot for the brand new hammock that I bought at the Craft Market.

Cute, right?


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