Beautiful Maria And Her New Fruit Stand

Maria has been a part of my life in San Pedro since I arrived here over 12 years ago.  Whether I saw her every day (I lived across the street from her fruit stand for quite a while) or just every few months now that I’m on the other end of the island, she is always warm and smiling.

Happy to see me.

Maria’s fruit stand moved earlier this year – from just south of town across from the Yacht Club to her new locale – at the entrance to the Escalante/DFC area.  (You can see her older stand in this post I wrote in 2016.)

And this is the first time I saw it…and her…since the move.

I was searching for turkey legs.

I found them at the new Caribbean chicken store south of town.

But then I stopped back in to chat with Miss Maria.  And she posed for a few photos.

And I was SOOO happy to see her beautiful cat Mama.  Maria got out the cat food so the gorgeous calico would sit still.

Maria’s is so great for fresh juices and salsa but then I spotted this GORGEOUS guacamole!

YUM!  I’m coming back for that…

But I instead continued on my quest for Thanksgiving things…half price canned cranberry at Super Buy (one jellied can for me, one whole berry can for others), chicken legs and necks – for the gravy, some canned pumpkin.

It’s like a treasure hunt.  Requiring many many many stops.

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