Ear Muffs & Mule Carts: Snapshots of My Week in Belize

Each year – about this time, the weather abruptly shifts.  We go from BLAZING HOT and humid to the first cold front of the year. Just a shift in wind and a few degrees drop in temperature and those who live here get out sweatshirts and thick socks and confound all the tourists.

I walked the dogs in a full sweat suit the other day – right past a bunch of visitors sunning in their bikinis.

Monday, breeze from the west, bright sun, temps in the low 80s

Monday night was looking beautiful…

But the next morning…the cold winds were starting to blow.  And suddenly it was in the mid-70s with a brisk northerly wind.

Kids were wearing quilted winter jackets – those driving golf carts?  Wool hats and I even saw a set of ear muffs.

Here are some snap shots from Ambergris Caye and Belize City – many of which I share on Facebook but…and GET THIS…some of you don’t have Facebook!

SO here they are.

A new over-the-water bar going up in Boca Del Rio, just north of town.  A spot called Losers

The old Palapa Bar in Tres Cocos area – about 1.5 miles north of town.  A new owner and a facelift.

Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – getting our first guests after over one month off.

Heading over to Belize City for a meeting and a trip to the framer.My water color…A beautiful painting of 80s Belize City that was getting re-framed.  It’s the PasloweBuilding that used to be located by the famous Swing Bridge in the city.   (Here’s a great photo of it)  It burned – and everyone in Belize remembers this event, I’ve even heard it called Belize’s 9/11 – in 2002.

I love that the old mule cart is depicted in the painting.  Ask someone who has lived in Belize City for a while about the old mule carts.  I bet they can even tell you the name of the drivers.  Mr Brown, Mr Ramsey.

All super interesting to me – but maybe most interesting, the work is signed “Chinese painter”.

Flying out of the city, I spotted a circus tent.  A circus from Guatemala with no animals.  Hurray!

Cold weather lunch back in San Pedro – Chilmole or “Black Dinna”

In case you are wondering the weather today – the wind is starting to shift back to normal but it’s still chilly!

It’s 81 and I’m wearing a sweatshirt.

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