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The Most Gorgeous Pool Day at Las Terrazas Resort

Last week – on one particularly gorgeous HOT October day, I decided to visit one of the most beautiful pools on Ambergris Caye.  A few hours lounging in and out of the pool with lunch and a few mocktails.   It’s absolute heaven at Las Terrazas Resort.

The photos say it all but the resort – open again after some October renovations – looks beautiful.  I was particularly enamored with this old dory…Just recently I almost returned from Belize City with 2 of these (in even more serious states of disrepair).  I even found a way to get them to the island.  But I’ll tell you more about that at the end.  Here are the pics of Terrazas starting with the PERFECT seat for the afternoon.

Not even staged – cutie Elito bringing me a juice.

The pool shower…I love it.

It’s a gorgeous place to stay (check out my overnight last year) but BEFORE I get the emails, let me answer your question.  YES.  You can use the pool if you are just there for the day.  Las Terrazas asks that you spend $50bzd at the bar and restaurant.  Just check in with the front desk…

Look…even my lowly soda water looks better here.

And my pretty punch looks even better.

I had a seafood wrap and cilantro fries (CILANTRO!  I THINK IT SHOULD BE ON EVERYTHING!) and just relaxed.  The pool felt divine.

I walked out to the beach as well but settled in at the pool.

And the view from the end of the dock.


I highly recommend it.

And here’s the deal of the old dory.  Dories like this are still used today but more and more they are switching over the fiber glass and getting rid of the beautiful wooden ones.

They are used by the fishermen in Belize who go out for a week at a time – and used for lobster and conch fishing.

On my last trip to Belize City on the water taxi, I decided to see if I could take a look at the INSIDE of the Fisherman Co-op.

I didn’t get in but I did spot some gorgeous broken down dories cast off to the side.

I say gorgeous, you might say junky.

I found the right guy…I got a great price…now how to get them to San Pedro…and then up north.  Aye.

Let’s just say that Jeff didn’t seem as excited about my find as he should have been.  And they are still at the co-op in Belize City.

One day.


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  1. erictomlin

    Beautiful pictures of the resort. Looks like there were plenty of good seats still available that day. 🙂

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