Most Beautiful Day of the Year on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday was glorious.  Sandwiched between two cold fronts (see yesterday’s post) – the sun is beaming, the cooler breeze is blowing and the humidity is low.  The beach was looking fantastic, town was sparkling and I’m sure the birds and butterflies were singing together.

Here are a bunch of photos I took yesterday just because San Pedro was looking SO good.

Today looks like a repeat.  And then the wind turns a bit overnight…

“Our” beach, 7 miles north.

The sea floor is starting to clear up…but much of the seagrass has died with this year’s sargasso influx.  Nice to see the little fish back and the water clear…

We headed into town mid-morning.  Windbreaker left at home today.

The new manger scene in the park from the RC Church.

I stopped into Saul’s shop on Middle Street – they’ve done a bit of remodeling and it’s looking great.

I love the hand painted signs.

Lunch time.  And MY FAVORITE SPECIAL at Briana’s Deli.  I told you it was a great day didn’t I?

The magical combo of fried rice, potato salad and meatballs.

PLUS, I’m pretty sure that Briana’s is the PANTONE Color of the Year.  Living Coral.

We headed south of town.  A new spot opening across from Corona Del Mar Hotel?

And then WAY south to Mahogany Bay Village.

And the north again.  There is a bunch going on at Boca Del Rio.

A new bar rushing to open.

An just before the bridge – the town project at Boca Del Rio Park continues.  Reclaiming the beach.

Why is it that before a project is even done, a government official needs to take credit for it?  And is this really donated by him – perhaps facilitated is a better word?

Isn’t this paid for by the people of Belize?

Dredging to fill the beach.

We headed over the bridge – you can see some of the dredge work being done.

And then…crazy-ness of all crazy-ness, I was back in town in the EVENING!  Just a few pics for now…


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