Belize City on the Busiest Day of the Year, Part 2…Christmas!

The build up to Christmas is here…tick, tick, tick.  21 days in case you are counting.

December 1st I headed to Belize City with a list…events and markets and errands…all to get done before year end.  I arrived via the water taxi (after leaving a very Christmas-y San Pedro) – but you can read about that…and the Belize City Christmas Expo in my last post.

I left the Market at Caribbean Tires – and the huge tire Christmas tree and started walking along the Northern Highway.  (I was moving from the left side of the red oval to the right)

I stopped in Brodie’s Supermarket…and bought chocolate chips.  Each bag of Nestle’s semi-sweets was $8.25bzd (plus 10% off on weekends at Brodie’s) and here in San Pedro – they are usually about $12bzd.

Christmas cookie materials.

I continued on to the magical Christmas world of Mirab’s department store.

Passing this cute restaurant.

Ovaltine!  Almost all of the local food places serve 2 hot beverages for breakfast – instant coffee with powdered creamer and hot Ovaltine.  (I think it used to be marketed as a health drink…that and Guinness)

I considered stopping for lunch – BOIL UP – but it was a bit early.

And then Mirabs.

I contemplated a large golden dragon fly to sit on our tree top…

And mooned at all the pinky gold blush colored ornaments.  (Must be a hot color this year!)

Glitter twinking in my eyes, I headed out.  I took a quick walk into the parking lot to check on the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree that is planted there.

And caught a taxi.  Mirab’s has a taxi stand and even a valet to ask if you have any questions.  Made it easy.

We headed back to the downtown area – to first drop off my bags at the San Pedro Belize Water Taxi area and then to head out walking.  The water taxi is VERY good about holding onto to your things so you don’t have to drag them around the city.   (Red X)

They had been holding on to my newly framed painting for the past day.  JUST matted and framed at The Framing Shop for less than $100bzd.

I headed out, walking, towards the green X – up and over the Swing Bridge.  THE spot to view the fishing fleet.

A quick photo of this mural.

Or…before you get to the bridge…stop and have something to eat and drink on Spoonaz Cafe’s outside deck.  You can get up close to the boats.

I always stop at Central Drugstore for a dolla bag of popcorn.

Albert Street was BUSTLING.  The town Christmas tree is up and lit. 

Albert Street was closed off and lining with vendors and games and people.

There was an art & music fair in the park (to the left) and I stopped in…briefly.

But ended up staying for a while longer to try a…water buffalo burger.  There is a water buffalo ranch in Orange Walk and…the burgers smelled delicious.

And…more than that…I am DYING to visit the herd.  I’d seen lots of them in the MAGICAL but poorly named Backwater Region of Kerala, India.  (Seriously one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world)

I met the owner of the company here in Belize – Tender Buff – and am now planning a trip to visit the Orange Walk herd.

At which point, I will pretend, as I look into their big watery eyes, that I didn’t eat one of the delicious burgers.

Let’s focus on the art and the scenery.

I headed back to the water taxi…BEAT.  I had all good intentions…about headed down to the Yoga Festival…to take pictures of the famous Baron Bliss lighthouse…and the big BELIZE sign by the water but…Belize City (and the 1.5 hr water taxi each way) takes it out of you!

I waited on a long line for the PACKED 3pm water taxi back to San Pedro.

Until next time Belize City.

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