Brrrr….Belize Cold Front Ends, Next One on Its Way

Each December and January…sometimes into February, we get a few cold fronts in Belize.  The wind shifts – blowing in from the north – and the humidity plummets (from the usual 90+%).  It feels legitimately cold though the temperature rarely goes below the high 60s.

Belize hasn’t embraced the dramatic language of our northern AccuWeather neighbors – Arctic Blast, Polar Vortex…yet.

The cold front blew in Monday with grey skies and 20mph winds and even the street dogs were cold – all curled up in potlicker balls.  This cutie, who always hangs out in front of the Hol Chan Office, was actually wearing a t-shirt.

I almost got hit by a golf cart taking his pic.    Here are some pictures of my week.

And the forecast for the next week.  It looks like the next cold front is coming SOON – Saturday to be exact.

The north wind and the very low tide have the beaches looking GOOD.

And then some photos from the camp – Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – where I spent a bitter cold night 🙂

I found this cool shell at the back of the camp.

Plums are coming (these are my favorite) – not ready yet.  But in a week or so.

Our friend Kerry, we JUST found out, is an amazing artist…

Look at this great sign!

And then the Ginger Mosquit-o-Meter.  Ginger lays on these stairs in the morning and is a SPOT ON gauge for the bugs at the camp.

As immortalized by Richard of Slackertide.

And this!  Stickers coming soon!


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