It’s CHRISTMAS 2018! Our Beautiful San Pedro Lighted Boat Parade

I love it, I love it, I love it, I LOVE THE SAN PEDRO HOLIDAY LIGHTED BOAT PARADE.   And I’m going to tell you something that might sound crazy.  I almost skipped it!

I was feeling tired…sick of the terrible bumpy road north…but I rallied and thank Christmas I did.

What a beautiful night and THE best way to bring in the holiday season.  A GORGEOUS evening on the beach in San Pedro.  The town and her visitors lining the beach.  Here are my pictures.

I started taking photos with my “real” camera – my very trusty Canon XS710.  I knew it would be DARK…the moon was barely a sliver, low in the sky.

I’d arrived early to take some photos of the set-up…

Sandbar was PACKED.  It was the hub of the parade.

Even Santa was there!

Jody and his crew setting up their boat for the parade.  Team Chingon with their Sponsor: Castillo’s Hardware.  I had to ask the meaning of Chingon.  I’m SO not cool.

I picked the longest dock – and staked out my spot.  I need to lay down to steady my camera on the dock to get any semblance of a decent picture.

The boat YOLO was loading up with spectators…the full bar and the groovy lighting makes this one a favorite…

More boats tottered by – headed to Wayo’s for the line up.

I had been expecting a handful of boats but there were 11.  Whooppeeee!

Here we go…the parade!

Belize Diving Adventures sponsored by the SP Tour Operators.  I LOVE the Sponge Bob and the jelly fish on the back.

ACES AWESOME Croc-Mas sponsored by Sandbar.  LOVE IT!  Especially the jumping fish.

Watch out for that croc!

I was snapping pictures like crazy and then…I picked up my phone.  IPhone 7s.  And…the pictures are SOOOO much better than my camera.  And using PORTRAIT mode?  Made this so much easier.

Team Chingon’s Choo choo train.

Another fave – the BTIA’s (Belize Tourism Industry Association) Captain Conch!  Sponsored by the Truck Stop.

How good is this?

And then Ramon’s Village with two AMAZING boats!  Belize Navidad – they pelted us with music and candy.

And then their Nativity Boat.  Both SO OVER THE TOP GREAT.

Awesome from every single angle.

They were all headed down south…to Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar and then back up to us again.

But I was headed home.  There is SOO much Christmas coming over the next week or two and I am trying to jam a trip to Mexico in there (just over the border), I shall report back.

The beach was packed with golf carts and people – this party was going to last late into the night.

TONIGHT!  Christmas shifts to The Truck Stop!

Here is the list of all the sponsors and winners.  Thank you SOOOOO much to all who made this very expensive and time-consuming event possible.  It may be short and sweet but it is SO FILLED WITH CHRISTMAS AND TOWN SPIRIT…it makes me want to bust.


1st place ($5,000): Ramon’s Village Resort (Belize Navidad boat)

2nd place ($2,000) BTIA On Sea Star’s boat. Sponsor: The Truck Stop

3rd Place ($1,000): Team Chingon Sponsor: Castillo’s Hardware

Best Charity Boat ($2,000): ACES Boat: Wayo Not Sponsor: Sandbar

Best Small Boat ($1,000): Kids in Action On Belize Diving Adventures boat Sponsor: San Pedro Tour Operators Association

4th Place ($500): Ramon’s Village Resort (Nativity Scene)

Honorable Mentions: Projects Abroad Boat: Xsite Belize Sponsor: Rickilee Response & Rescue QE Toon Sponsor: GoodWorld Trading Department of Youth Services Sponsored by Island Divers

Pan D Joyride

Reel Secret Sponsored by Captain Sharks

50/50 Raffle raised $644 Winner of $322: Katie Henry

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