Happy Holidays and A Look Back on 2018

The last few days have been a flurry of errands and baking way too many cookies.  With the third cold front of December – and temperatures now in the upper 70s – it wasn’t so bad.  I made my usual go-to cookie:   Quaker Vanishing Oatmeal Cookies (minus raisins, plus shredded coconut and chocolate chips), these UNBEATABLE Salty-Sweet Peanut Butter Cookies from the NYTimes and some soft brownie-like Chocolate Crinkles.

As you can imagine, we don’t often fire up the oven.  Things just get too hot.

The coolish weather continues – I’m wearing a sweatshirt as I type – but I wanted to recap 2018.  My first blog post was June 2011 so I’m well into it…but Belize continues to amaze and intrigue me.  There is still SO much to learn and I didn’t get to travel enough…at all.

While many of my posts focus on weather or errands or news about town, my year was punctuated by some more significant events.  And running throughout was the influx of sargasso seaweed – the plague our shores from mid-February and is clearing up a bit now.  But that may just be a temporary wind shift situation.

Here’s a relatively quick recap of my entire year.

In January, the AMAZING crew from Boteboard visited our camp and San Pedro town and made an amazing short video about the camp and flyfishing in Belize.  Jeff opened the Botehouse at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly

January brings Jerry Jeff Walker and Kelly McGuire – as well as a BBQ competition at Estel’s Dine by the Sea.  And then I tried to tackle the question “What Is The Weather Like In Belize”  

In February, my family visited from Rhode Island…with their friends.  6 kids under 10 years old and 4 adults.  We had an amazing day trip to Caye Caulker, we blissed out at the Sandbar on the west side of Ambergris Caye and spent lots and lots of time at the Truck Stop.

And I was able to finally put together a list of “Stuff for Kids to Do on Ambergris Caye WITHOUT Breaking the Bank”   My completely novice Tip:  With kids, it seems to be the little things that really get them giddy.  Like huge GLASS bottles of Grape Fanta.

March – I attended the growing Global movement of Women – 20,000 Strong – in Belize City and was inspired.  And wrote about how there is NO way this International Airport is happening in my lifetime on Ambergris Caye.

After tackling various topics on April Fools’ Day – from the proliferation of signs around Ambergris Caye and the town’s move to restore island charm to Caye Chapel turning into a Oil Refinery, this April 1st talked about how NOT easy it is to run a SUCCESSFUL bar down here.  In a roundabout fashion.

April also brought Bill Gates to the island for some tennis – apparently yacht don’t have EVERYTHING.  Pffft.

I fine-tuned a list of 11 Things That You MUST Do on Your First Trip to Ambergris Caye and the post “Ready, Set, Swim!  Some of the Best Beaches on Ambergris Caye”

And 15 Things No One Told You About Living In Belize.  Sure life is simpler in some ways but few things are easier.

In May we found out that the preposterous plan – to jam structures on a tiny island and build the largest OTW resort in the region – was APPROVED in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.   There was a boat rally at the island – Cayo Rosario and then  was a public meeting with a resounding NO to the plan.

Right now two legal challenges have been filed and fundraising and public awareness continues.  Hopefully you have your $20bzd Defend Cayo Rosario t shirt in your stocking.

If not, please stop by the Seaduced By Belize Office for yours!  They are mens’ shirts but perhaps my friend Kerry can help you style yours ladies.

I’m only at June!  To be continued tomorrow.

It was a rainy night on Ambergris Caye and let’s hope the sun is coming out.  I’ll finish this tomorrow – I have a lazy Christmas planned.  Dogs and chocolate.  Though not combined.

I hope you are having a GREAT holiday season.



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