Lunch at the New Losers Bar Belize – Country Music on THE Most LOVELY Day

Yesterday I walked up the beach on the MOST glorious day to have lunch at the new Losers Bar Belize – “This Life Ain’t For Everyone” (that’s their motto) – in the Boca Del Rio neighborhood of San Pedro.  Losers started building on the island last year with a flurry of controversy.  A HUGE brand new dock in the once residential neighborhood, many – including the San Pedro town council – objected to its construction.

Can you buy a small piece of beach front land and erect a massive over-the-water structure in front of it – one that overlaps the view of your neighbors?  How big can that be?  Do we need another bar in Boca Del Rio just a few hundred feet north of our high school?

The project moved ahead quickly.  And the structure, just finalized a few weeks ago, is SERIOUS.  Impressively and (from what I gather) expensively constructed and outfitted, I decided to stop in for lunch yesterday to see the final product!

I was also very interested since I’ve been seeing country singers from the US posting on their social media that they will be performing here over the next few weeks.  You can check out Matt Rogers schedule here.  

Losers Bar is ALSO located in Nashville – a Classic American Dive Bar AND the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!   How could I NOT be intrigued!  There is nothing like that in Belize.  One might say it is our first chain restaurant.

Walking north from town along the beach.  After Sunday’s DRASTIC weather change…

…things have been just about perfect.

I keep moseying…singing one of the few country songs I know…something about a little bit of chicken fry.

Heading up the dock I turned back.  WHAT A GORGEOUS DAY!

The bar is impressive if not a bit bland.  But then…it just opened!  There is a HUGE bar wrapped around the kitchen…

A swimming platform…lounge chairs…

A neat loft area…

And seating for a SERIOUS amount of people.

I sat down to look at the menu.

Loser Belize Menu

Belikin beer – which is the benchmark for pricing – is $7.50bzd.  A bit more than other bars – I believe $6bzd is standard pricing – but not over the top.  The mixed drinks are 22oz and the margarita is $20bzd.

Here’s the fancy machine!

I ordered the burger with cheese and fries.



My meal with good! – and not expensive – just over $20bzd for a big cheeseburger, fries and a soda water.  My waitress was LOVELY – they have TONS of staff – and there weren’t tons of people there – so I got lots of attention.

I did not love the music.  But that is me!  Modern country just isn’t my thing…

Well shall see.  I wish them luck.  It’s a HUGE spot in a pretty saturated bar market on the island but perhaps country music will bring them in!

I walked out still gawking at the beauty of the day…and waved to these guys sitting in the Losers cart out front.

For more information, check out their Facebook page.  I hope they start posting a bit more so I can stop in and watch some live music.

And for those thinking this is the first country bar on Ambergris Caye – it is not!  I went to the opening of Country Cabana 5 or 6 years ago.  Short lived…but it was a line dancing spot.

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