A Day In San Pedro, A Swimming Jaguar, A New Bar & A Blood Red Lunar Eclipse

Happy Saturday all – it seems like all of North America is bracing for a polar vortex.  Belize is as well.  If you see Windfinder’s forecast for our island – we are predicted to get the coldest temps of the year Monday.  66F!

Last week I asked for questions on Instagram- stories.  Anything you want to know about Belize – and I did my best to answer.

Questions ranged from “do i agree that there are too many advertising signs around the caye”  to my experiences blogging.  But then I got asked “What is the typical day for a old expat?  A young expat?”

**For more on the signs, you can see my April Fool’s post from a few years ago.

And I was stumped.  That is a hard question to answer for any location.  But if you are young, you are probably going to work – perhaps on-line – like anywhere else.

Since I am straddling the blurry line between young and old (but probably leaning way closer to OLD at 45) – I’ll describe my day yesterday and sprinkle in a little news.

Wake up, walk dogs on the beach, head to San Pedro town to do some errands.

Stop at Neri’s tacos for $3bzd pork tacos and any ICY cold banana juice.  (SO FREAKING GOOD – bananas, ice and nutmeg)

The two ladies must roll 1000 tacos a day.  They are lightning quick.

I picked up Jeff where his boat is docked on the lagoon and stopped at Greenhouse and Superbuy and Caye Mart for beer, soda and groceries.

***Jeff proceeded to trip in front of Caye Mart, crush a case of empty beer bottles and cut open his hands and elbows.  Quick trip to Dr Dan – next door and available to help – because there was so much blood!  (Blood thinners from his heart issues a few months ago at work.)  Dr Dan put in a few stitches and we were out and back to work in less than 30 mins.  All good.

I decided to stop in the newest bar opening in San Pedro.  The Grand Opening is NEXT weekend and it is the top of the SanCas building right across the street from Tropic Air and the air strip.

The relatively new and HUGE building now houses quite a few businesses including the French bakery – where I grabbed a sandwich for lunch.

And WOW.  The set up is beautiful and this has GOT to be the best view of San Pedro there is.  People are going to love watching the sun set from up here.

A little bit of L.A. in San Pedro.  And the BEST thing a bar can have.  A popcorn machine!


Sunset Lounge San PedroA few town views as I picked up bananas and dog food and went to the bank…

Kurt Cruz artI drove back up to the house to pack for a trip over to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.  It involves a micro-skiff and some very shallow waters.

Blue heron skulking.

After last weeks big rains the water is extremely tannic in the inner lagoon.  Clear but almost maroon.

Until we headed farther west and the water was like glass.

I saw bonefish and crabs…all sorts of fish but NOTHING like what a group say yesterday in the Placencia lagoon.
Check out this AMAZING video of a jaguar who went for a swim.

Imagine this!

And lastly keep your eyes PEELED for the only total lunar eclipse of the year – tomorrow night, Sunday Jan 20th between about 10.30pm and midnight.

Should be a good one!

Here’s more information on where and how to see the BLOOD RED moon.

Don’t forget a sweat shirt!


I’m going to start asking for and answering questions on Insta-gram stories on Mondays.  So if you aren’t instagrammin…get moving!

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