The Dry Season isn’t Officially Here YET

Dry season on Ambergris Caye means sunny skies and clear clear nights for months in a row.

HOLY RAIN LAST NIGHT.  As if a waterfall was pouring on our roof.  Cistern filling rain.  I was JOLTED awake at 3.11am by the racket.

And that’s good.  Very good –  because the dry season…which all the guidebooks say lasts from December to May…hasn’t officially started.  December to May – 5 months is a very long time with a drop.

Remember that the public water system extends barely over the bridge – and everyone north needs to either collect water in giant cisterns or make water (with expensive desalination systems) or…getting it delivered by truck.   So while no rain is so great for all the outdoor activities that Ambergris Caye is famous for – a time to put away your raincoats and get out your “good shoes” – by May, we are READY for a few showers.

Here are some photos of yesterday – the still clear morning and the shifting weather.

Day four stopping at Sol Cafe (see my last post for more) for the streusel muffin.

Sharing it with Jeff – he marveled at the muffin to topping ratio.

On my favorite street – Back A Back Street, I noticed a woman carrying a bag of eggs – but they looked like Easter eggs.  She only spoke Spanish but an interpreter quickly stepped in and explained they are “local eggs but NOT the Mennonites”.   She SO NICELY gave me 6.  I am not at all interested in eating them but they are now the new center piece on my table.

And I am inspired to get chickens.  And to paint all the walls in our house these colors.

More pretty colors in the morning light…

HOT onion sauce and delicious rice and beans at Briana’s Deli.  A quick stop in Caye Supplies and for $18bzd, I bought 8 different bowls/shapes from the upstairs restaurant supplies.

FINALLY a use for olive bowls and Andes Candies display dishes.   SEABEANS!

Oh wait…I was talking about weather.  It was turning as I headed home – at around 2pm.  I stopped by Costa Blu Resort to take some pics.  SO pretty.

And then by the time I was home…

It was coming.

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