Monday Blues as a Cold Front Passes over Ambergris Caye

Yesterday, as many in the north were chiseling the ice from their cars in the US and Canada, the cold front dipped as low as Belize.

Coldest temperature recording yesterday in the US:  Seagull Lake, Minnesota -35F, Boston, 5 degrees, NYC, 4 degrees.  Orlando’s temperature was 38!

Belize dipped precariously into the mid to high 60s.

It actually felt lovely outside – the wind wasn’t as strong as it has been with previous cold fronts – and the low humidity felt great.  Everything was blue and sparkling.

I took a bunch of snapshots while running around town.  And then some later on my way to and from book club.

A look at January in Belize – first a “Belizean thermometer”.  It is COLD when your coconut oil turns solid.  (It melts under 76F)

Coconut Oil in BelizeThe dog with the highest pitch bark I’ve ever ever heard – on Back a Back Street.

A new sign….not very official but new.  And decorated with Caribbean rum stickers.

One of my very favorites.

Eat Cake SIgn

A Back Street bar…

Sew What!  on Back Street and the gorgeous bougainvillea next door.

Not the scene many think of when they hear “COLD FRONT”

Or down south a bit in front of Corona Del Mar Hotel.


I headed back home and back north – passing two new businesses on the way up.  I need to gather more information on these and will report back.

Nice double entendre.

A picture later on as I headed to my book club to discuss our recent read – The Astonishing Color of After.  Good but not AWESOME.

The wind has shifted back this morning and after a bit of rain, things are warming up nicely.

I’m off to town again for a bunch of meetings.  Have a great Tuesday and I hope it is warming up where you are!  If not…think about a last minute vacation!

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2 thoughts on “Monday Blues as a Cold Front Passes over Ambergris Caye

    1. sanpedroscoop

      AHHHHHHH! So beautiful but AHHHH! This is generally the time when the island is drying out and the bugs disappearing but we had a big rain about a week ago, so the farther you get from town, you’ll experience some mossies in the very early morning and in the evening/sunset. Many bigger resorts spray, but I’d bring a few cans of the lighter stuff (deep woods might be a bit much) – but I think you’ll find that your ankles need a spritz when you go out in the evenings.

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