Muffins And More at Uber-Cute Sol Cafe & More

I’ve been dreaming of breakfast muffins on Ambergris Caye.  They are not typical Belizean fare – in fact, they are SO American that in the UK, they are referred to as “American muffins” at Starbucks.  And man…I love them.

So much in fact that I have been planning a muffin-only business for the last year or so.  Just a tiny shack – take away only – coffee and a few flavors of muffins.  Coconut-chocolate chip.  Chocolate banana.  Pumpkin-Cheesecake.  Not too big – ALL with extra crumble on top.  Once they are sold out, Rebecca’s Muffin Shack closes.  I picture my business hours to be about 7am to 10am.  Barely any overhead.  And a bit of a gluten-fest.

But now I can take my pretend-business-planning hat off (I spent about 6 months on the previous faux-enterprise, “Potlickers Potstickers” – dumplings from around the world) – because a super cute shop has opened just a few miles from me.  On my drive home every single day.  The Sol Cafe.

Located JUST where the paved road ends – across the street from Belizean Shores and Coco Beach Resort – in a small “food court” that has been going up over the last few months.

There are two small eateries – one is the Tipsy Lobster, I must try that one.

But just two buildings up is SOL CAFE.  And I’ve watched them decorate it with SUCH care over the last few months.  It’s absolutely darling.  I see Instagram photos galore on this seating deck.

A table in the shade.

Inside, believe it or not, is even CUTER.  There are two paintings by Belizean artist Walter Castillo that are SOOOO perfect for the space.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Coffee of all sorts, cookies and banana breads, fruit cups and lemongrass iced tea.

And muffins for $6bzd.  Blueberry, carrot, chocolate banana and the one that I’ve now had 2 days in a row – STREUSEL.  Basically a whole muffin of cinnamon brown sugar walnut crumble.

I love it.  And I love that it’s on my way home.

Stop in and check it out.

Now…a few pictures from one of the more gorgeous weekend’s in memory.  We had a bit of a cooler front…lower humidity sun in the high 70s.  Perfect.

Frannie spends a few minutes each morning giving the wish willys who sun themselves on the cinder blocks a bit of trouble.  The biggest one leaves his tail poking out.

Little girl checking herself out in the mirror.

Wally scooching down the coconut tree to say hi.

And then a few plants at Belizean Scape (my visit last year) 

Our crown of thorns plant is doing so well, I wanted to pick up a few more.

A dotted one.

A beautiful vine that my plant app IDed as a Chilean Potato vine.

And a velvety red hibiscus.

Have a great Sunday.

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