Saturday Afternoon Photos on North Ambergris Caye

Nothing monumental to report.  A day spent at home working on SEO for my blog…or thinking about working on SEO for my blog.  (SEO, I learned yesterday, is Search Engine Optimization, trying to make it easier for Google to find your blogs. And 7 years into this blogging thing, something I should learn about.)

Frannie and I went for a long walk.  About 7 miles north to about 8 miles north.  The walking on that stretch is pretty easy with the tide out and the sargasso relatively minimal (though that changed today!)

Frannie is ALWAYS up for a walk.

She also looks SUPER CUTE on the new stickers we had printed recently for the camp.  Art by Slackertide.

Here are my pictures.

And I forgot!  There IS something monumental going on…the road north on Ambergris Caye is being graded.  And smoothed.  After the serious bumps and holes that have only worsened in the last few months, it will come as a SWEET relief to my lower back.

The relatively untouched beachfront in this area is as beautiful as the sea is.

Always looking down for sea beans.  I found my VERY FIRST Crucifixion Bean or Mary’s Bean.  Supposedly this seed from a morning glory vine in Central America is good luck.

Always looking for small interesting pieces of drift wood.  Here, both wet, a cool piece of white white wood and almost black wood.

I took the lighter one.

I saw this…I think some decoration from Ramon’s Village about 10 miles south of here.  Hmmm…

Piece of Ramons VIllage

Frannie stopped to try to play with the neighbor’s dogs.

And a beautiful sitting area at Tuto.

Enjoy your Sunday – I’m back to the SEO grind.


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