Pilates and a Latte In a Surprising Location on North Ambergris Caye

Just when you think that you know it all…that you’ve seen everything there is to see on Ambergris Caye**, something pops up and surprises me. Yesterday I went to Pilates in a grand space – a huge space with a lagoon view that I had no idea was even there.

** Let me specify Ambergris Caye BELOW 15 miles north – above that? It’s anyone’s guess. It’s a literal jungle up there!

But let me back up. Last week I was driving from my home to town and I passed this sign.

Located at about 4 miles north – JUST as the paved road ends, across the street from Belizean Shores Resort and my new favorite baked good-ery.

I texted the number – found out that it was fine for beginners and I only need bring ME. $20bzd for the class but free for my first time. Can’t beat that. PLUS, I so wanted to look inside this mysterious palapa. Perhaps you’ve seen it – it’s fairly hard to miss when you drive by.

I parked and walked past this sign.


Holy beautiful. A towering ceiling, doors that fold out to a pretty awesome lagoon view, a smooth polished wood…the perfect party spot.

OH! And a basketball half court.

I settled down for Pilates class with three other woman and our teacher. It was perfect for beginners – and Tracy is very cognizant of proper posture and prior injuries. It was just right. I’ll be back Friday.

And almost as exciting as finding an exercise class near-ish to my home is that I can have a delicious treat…and a place to relax for a bit afterward. Sol Cafe!

I had a egg burrito and planned an imaginary art heist…I love this painting SO much.

I only admired the gorgeous streusel muffins this time…and I did NOT get a latte. But I had to add it. I mean…pilates…lattes…come on! It’s perfect. And totally possible now.

So nice to see the lagoon side of the road being used for businesses and getting cleaned up in general. And to see the inside of this gorgeous palapa. It makes me wonder what it was originally built for…many years ago. I’ll be back!

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