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SParadise Spa & Salon: Easy Affordable Accessible FANTASTIC Pampering Right In San Pedro Town

Last week, I finally made an appointment at the new downtown SParadise Spa & Salon – located in a smartly, chicly renovated spot on Front Street that had been sitting vacant for a while.

It was a super smart move by the owner Kristi Gonzalez – who has been working in the spa and wellness business for a quite a few years with businesses at resorts up north.

Here are her spa window on the water at Captain Morgan’s Resort.  I LOVE IT.

Here’s their niche for the new downtown spot:  a clean, comfortable, beautiful space that takes appointments as well as walk-ins – is easily visible from the street making it even more accessible for visitors – and has reasonable prices a bit of pampering and great results.

A great pedicure for $40bzd – in a really comfortable chair with a great sugar scrub, a massage and a slew of colors to choose from.

Plus extras…like tea or…a glass of wine with your treatments!

No leg cramping because you are sitting in someone’s kitchen.  Or manicure tools that make you nervous.  No huge price tag because you are at a high end spa…

Please don’t get me wrong.  A morning at a high end spa in a robe and slippers is the ultimate luxury – I LOVE IT – but I just can’t always afford it.  (Now I’m looking back at the AMAZING spa experience I had at Naia Resort in Placencia – OMG)

Sparadise is a great one-a-week or every feel weeks alternative for the working gyal of San Pedro.  We deserve some pampering too.

I upgraded my pedicure to the Spa Pedicure for $10bzd extra – and got a GOLD mask slathered on me feet.  (I couldn’t stop humming the awesome theme to James Bond movie Gold Finger for the rest of the day – so awesomely 60s)

A long hot stone massage.  Really really good.

I picked out my color using these very smart sticks.

And perused the menus from the cafe next door (MY FAVORITE hang out spot) – and Maxi’s Restaurant.  Just in case I wanted to send out for a latte.

Inspired by the decor, I went for a very conch pink.  And I love it – they did a REALLY great job.

Accessible:  the menus and prices are online.  You can make an appointment via their Facebook page, their very active Instagram account, phone or drop in.  They do waxing, they do massage, gel and powder manicures.

You can buy gift certificates – it’s not too late for that Valentine’s Gift!  AND they have some really accessible hours…open on Sundays!

I’m a fan.  A big fan.  It’s not easy to find a new niche in San Pedro.  Sparadise, located across the street and less than a block north of Fido’s Bar, did it.  And beautifully!


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