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Sunday Drive to North Ambergris Caye, From Mile 7 to Robles Point AND Margaritaville

Ambergris Caye is an island that reveals itself over time.  I’ve lived here almost 12 years and I am always surprised by how much MORE than San Pedro town it is.  There are the huge inner lagoons, the gorgeous west side that is seeing an explosion of development.  Dense littoral forest, wild animals from ocelots to huge crocodiles and possibly the most unique landscape – where the barrier reef connects with the land.  And instead of sandy beach there are heaps and heaps of coral chunks.

Here is a map of Ambergris Caye – she is about 25 miles long from the southern tip to the human dug canal in the north (there is a dotted line below) that separates us from Yucatan Mexico.

Yesterday we drove from about Mile 7 (marked as Mexico Rocks below) to a bit beyond Robles Point (Mile 16 or 17) – where the reef (orange line) meets the land.  And the road – thru along that isthmus – is dense bush.  AND BUGGY!

We turned around up there.  There were still a few signs pointing us northward.  To the INTRIGUING North Beach Island Resort located…far far up north.

There are really only a handful of businesses north of us at Mile 7.  We didn’t stop everywhere, this isn’t a comprehensive guide to north Ambergris Caye…just what I saw.  There are a bunch of photos – it is SO incredibly beautiful – so hold on.

Chat N Chill bar and restaurant and beach hang out.

And a stop at the closed El Secreto Luxury Resort.  No much has changed since my last visit.

The security guards were out on the dock – and one of the dogs was eyeballing me.  We kept moving…

My #1 goal was to check out the old Sueno Del Mar property at about 13 miles north.  Just about a month ago, it was announced that it would become a Margaritaville Resort.  As in Jimmy Buffett-ville.

The property is ENORMOUS and there are grand buildings that have been empty for years.  There were a few workers and one front building was newly and brightly painted.

And one condo is ready for sale.  I was told that they were gutting many of the units – furniture and tiles…everything coming out.

The finished condo is the middle one on the ground floor – decorated and painted inside.

This resort-to-be sits in a tricky cove.  And the sargassum buildup is intense.

A very cool looking LONG dock and palapa.

We kept driving…the roads are just beautiful along here.  High land and towering coconut trees.  We saw a few carts making a similar ride.  Shhhhh…don’t tell their rental companies.

Next is Tranquility Bay – 14 miles north.  They have a gorgeous property.  And the view from their over-the-water bar is stunning.

Look how close the reef is!

We headed north still – crossing over the imaginary line into Bacalar Chico National Reserve.

First…this spot used to be a vacation rental but over the years and the storms, it is now just a platform/dock.

Turtleman’s House

Here it is in 2015 – and my whole visit to this area which was sargasso free at the time.

A bit farther up is this house which I KNOW is for sale.  I visited it to play Bocce Ball (they have a crazy awesome bocce court) in 2013.  Take a look back at the area.  The property is now for sale.  It’s SUCH a special area.

Less than a mile up, the road either dips deep into the bush (and the mosquitos) or out to Robles Point where it ends quickly.

The weather was changing…and it turned to a full downpour when we got out to the point.  We hunkered down and then turned around.

It’s so crazy beautiful.  We headed home.  And stopped at Chat n Chill for a tasty burrito and some nachos…

And I noticed this at about Mile 9…dangling over the road.  Two pairs of sneakers wrapped around the electric wire (that took some effort!) covering in TRUMP stickers.

Who does that?  Comes to Belize and leaves their trash dangling in this beautiful area.  Hmmmpppfffh..

More posts below about this area over the years…


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Drive to North Ambergris Caye, From Mile 7 to Robles Point AND Margaritaville

  1. TarheelBornGal

    Awwww, Turtleman’s House is gone. Shame! But really, the fact that it lasted as long as it did is amazing in and of itself. The sneakers are also a shame to see. It really is gorgeous up there, though. I still remember the delicious fish tacos I had on our one and only trip up to Tranquility Bay, and the boat ride around the north end of the island with Mexico on starboard, Belize to port. A special time!

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