Carnaval in San Pedro and Court in Belize City

Oy yesterday was a long, long long long day.  An early morning golf cart ride to town, 1.5 hour water taxi to Belize City for a 10:30am court date.  It is the very first stage in the Cayo Rosario matter.  And I’ll leave it at that.

Well…I’ll share one of the posts I wrote about why I think this RIDICULOUS project should not happen.

But please note – if you ever go to court in Belize City, you will not be allowed in the court room without covered shoulders.  I had to run across the street to buy a sweater.

Here are all my pictures from yesterday.  Starting with Carnaval in San Pedro, the remains of Day 2…

I stopped in Celi’s Deli for my favorite johnny cake on the island – it’s just a little extra baking soda-y twang.  SO GOOD.  This spot on Front Street is HOPING in the morning…there were at least 15 of us ordering coffees…tortillas with ham and cheese, johnny cakes, meatpies.

Onto the water taxi.  30 minutes later, a pick up and drop off in Caye Caulker.

And on to Belize City.


I took this photo to look up the word “Philatelic”.   The Wikipedia definition only leads to more questions:  “It also refers to the collection, appreciation and research activities on stamps and other philatelic products. Philately involves more than just stamp collecting, which does not necessarily involve the study of stamps. It is possible to be a philatelist without owning any stamps.”

INTRIGUING!  I am definitely going in when I have more time.  Perhaps philately is my new passion!

A very pretty day.

And then the court house.

I made it in time for the 3pm boat back to San Pedro.  Arriving at about 4:30pm.  JUST in time for the very beginnings of Day 3 of Carnaval.  The last night of crazy before Lent starts.

Things would be going late into the night but I snapped a few pictures and hightailed it out of there.  I do not want to soil my one dress at a paint party!

And I had plans to spend the evening decompressing with some television (The Bachelor) AND some time on my couch.

This kid was dancing in the foam…so cute.  Just enjoying himself.

And some home vendors selling supplies for the night.

Almost home…

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