Looking for the Yellow Headed Parrots on Cayo Frances Lagoon

Even if you don’t think you give a hoot about birds or plants, spring is a pretty cool time of year on Ambergris Caye.

Along with the influx of birds from the north – and the trees and plants blossoming, we are enjoying such a ridiculously gorgeous late winter weather.  Low humidity – it plummeted to an arid 51% yesterday – and bright sparkly sunshine.   Curly hair girls rejoice.  The summer heat and humidity is just around the corner.

This morning I woke up at 8am – normal for me, considered mid-day here at the camp (Cayo Frances Farm & Fly) – and was told I missed the parrots that flock to this area each spring to eat the young fruits and then nest.  Or so I am told.

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PARROTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Armed with my binoculars and camera, I headed back to the flowering kinep trees.

Here are some pictures I took.  I didn’t get any of the American Redstart and his dull girlfriend or the glossy Black Cowled Oriole...not of the hummingbirds or the rust and black Orchard Oriole on the white flowering Madre Cacao tree but here’s what I got.  I don’t have the patience to be a proper birder.

I’ve come to terms with it.

The birds are loving the flowering zericote tree.  Hummingbirds and the orioles.

And I spotted these two living in the roof.  Hmmmm….

Elsie and her wrappings.  We finally found the diagnosis for her nervous licking habit!  It’s called Lick Granuloma.

Jeff has drawn up some sleeve-prototypes – that attach to her harness.  We are going to bring them to Kate of Sew What! for production.  Fingers crossed.

Back to birding for a moment!  Yesterday, our camp manager Andress took me over to a nest that he discovered while fishing in a cave in Cayo Frances Lagoon.

Two baby Bare-Throated Tiger herons!  And in a spot where we are probably the only humans they’ve ever seen.  We only stayed for about one minute.  So ugly-beautiful!

One SO much bigger than the other.  Apparently one gets the food first.

A few more pictures around the camp and then I’m headed back to FIND THOSE BIRDS!

A flower with hair.

Some new art work – a painting by Chuy of Sarteneja with our dogs names on the boats.

A beautiful permit made in Cayo – all butterfly wings!

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