Spring’s Here! My March Week on Ambergris Caye

There has been nothing out of the ordinary about my week on Ambergris Caye.

(Way to start a gripping blog post, Rebecca!  Pulitzer Prize material.)

Good weather…running errands…spending some time at home and some time at the camp.  Pondering getting a rabbit as a pet.

Here are a bunch of snapshots I took all over the place.  My “real camera” has almost fallen by the wayside completely.  The ease of the IPhone 7s is really hard to beat.

(This is “real” camera…the newest version.  It’s a great little camera with really great zoom.)

Our neighbor’s beach.

“Our beach” – though we live a few lots back.  New sea log has rolled up.

The sargasso has been low…such a relief…for now.

Early morning dog walk…

And Tuesday morning on Back A Back Street.  Mennonites selling fruits and veg.

Early morning beer delivery.

A bumper sticker that I saw 3x this week.  A bar in the DFC area of town.  Interesting…

A beautiful Wednesday at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.

Some guests came back from fishing and the guide cleaned the fish right by our dock.  Not a good idea!  Here’s who visited for the scraps later that night.

Scraps go in the bucket like so…

And back yesterday.  Thursday errands and lunch in town.

One of our favorite shops on Back Street has a STORE RABBIT!  How have I missed this guy in the past?!  I immediately got home and started researching pet rabbits.

And found that they are not good companions for terriers with strong prey instincts.

Our dog Frannie is THE terrier with a strong prey instinct.

My FAVORITE lunch special at Briana’s Deli.  I got the very last serving of it.

Another pretty day.

Right now I’m waiting for a call…to fly over the Blue Hole.  ALL my fingers are crossed…

I’ll report back!



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