Last Week of April, My Ambergris Caye Report

For island life – it seems like I’ve been doing a whole lot of running around this week.  Running errands and provisioning for off-the-grid Cayo Frances Farm & Fly does take up a bunch of time.   Taking the 1.5 hour water taxi trip back and forth to Belize City for a day of more errands and meetings takes up some time.  But it’s really a big project that I’m working on that has me all busy.

I’ll get back to you on that shortly.  Though…if anyone is a good volunteer proofreader and has spare time – PLEASE send me an email.

Until then…here are a bunch of pictures that I took around town this week.

Easter is over and the weather is warm and sunny and…warm.  You can almost see the steam as the sun set last night.

But earlier in the week.

Pork tacos and tambran (tamarind) juice at Neri’s tacos.

Did you know tamarind is a legume and the flavor in worcestershire sauce?

My note notebook – with my favorite Slackertide sticker of our dog Elsie.  GO TO THE SLACKERTIDE SITE AND WIN A TRIP TO CAYO FRANCES!

The view as I waited online for a crowded water taxi Wednesday morning.

Just an hour earlier, I had stopped at Mr Dimas’s shop in Boca del Rio.  I need to write much more on his place.  I love it!

And this giant piece of pumice that he had carved.  I’m kinda obsessed with it right now.  What do I need it for…

He’s doing some custom jewelry carvings – brown coral, black coral, conch – of ANTS!

My trip was rushed – and as I went to the golf cart, his cute cat was lounging on the seat.

The next morning, a breakfast meeting at Las Terrazas.  The pool looked GORGEOUS.  As did these blue flowers that I always admire there.

I love a naturally blue flower – there aren’t tons of them out there.

And then back home.  More blogging tomorrow.  Until then…




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