My Week in San Pedro, Belize

Last week was…crazy hot.

Though the temperature in San Pedro doesn’t move very much – hovering around the mid-80s, the sun was INTENSE and the humidity powerful.  It felt way hotter than that.

But heat stops no man.  Or blogger.  And it’s VERY busy at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.

Here are tons of snapshots from my week.  Some time in town – some time at the camp.  Let’s start with town.

Middle Street views.

Eating a ridiculously great lunch at El Fogon.  My favorite – conch fritters (remember that conch season is ending EARLY this year – April 30th!) and salbutes.  Such a perfect snacky meal.

And the fogon – or fire hearth – or faya haat.

Later in the week, a delicious lime meringue pie from this tiny deli/shake shop next to my favorite coffee spot.

If you want to feel incredibly civilized – order a latte and lunch from Lavish Habit (GREAT SPOT)…

 and have it delivered at the spa just next door!  Sparadise.  (More on this spot)

It was not all eating and flouncing about.  There were LOTS of errands to run.

Gas for the stove does not magically come from the wall – you need to get a tank refilled.

Can you feel that heat?

This local fishing boat on the back side of the island with “bush sticks” and flowers.  So pretty.

Cashew fruits.  With the cashew nut at the top – encased in an INCREDIBLY hard shell that is poisonous if not roasted properly.  The fruit is SUPER sweet…not everyone’s taste…and used often for jam or wine.  It’s beautiful though…

There WAS more eating.  My favorite rice and beans at Briana’s Deli.

And weekend BBQ.

And then back up north by our house.

Our new sign at the house.

And a peak into our neighbor’s yard – Xtan Ha Resort.

And now to the camp…the ride over.

Andress collecting firewood for the nightly fire.

I helped unload – I didn’t just take photos!


Before I run out for our next round of errands, I’ll close it with this pretty funny hoax yesterday.  Our electricity company actually had to issue a response – it spread thru the country like wild fire.

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