New Belikin Store Opens In San Pedro

We’ve been watching it come together for the last few months.  The store front just across from the Tropic Air terminal, in downtown San Pedro, transform into The Belikin Store.  Hopefully selling all the Belikin merchandise that until now, wasn’t available to the public.  Like the Belikin bandanas…and the Belikin signs.

Belize lovers and man cave dwellers rejoice!

Friday April 6th was opening day – and I stopped in to take a look.

But let me back up a bit…

Belikin is THE beer of Belize.  Not the first…but for many years, the only beer available nationwide.  It’s a brand synonymous with Belize.

It’s also the second largest employer in the country.

AND…in a country that is becoming more and more tourism-driven, people want MERCHANDISE!  So…it makes all the sense in the world that Belikin open a store in downtown San Pedro – the tourism capital of Belize.

It is Belikin’s second official store.  I am told that they have one at the international departure area at the airport.  I have no seen it yet.

My first observation:  the parking just outside of this store is LIMITED.  I find it best to park on Front Street – and cut thru the alley that leads to the air strip.

I snapped a picture of this lovely gentleman who helps clean our street.  Always friendly and crazy hard working.

And thru the alley way.  It’s recently been repainted with saints and religious figures and beautiful sayings.  I am not religious…you don’t need to be to find these paintings and these sayings beautiful.

Do what you love.  Find out who you are meant to be.  Do the right thing.

And hang a left.

The space has been re-done – in the style of their official taproom in Ladyville, Belize – and looks fantastic.  There are a few tables – and draft beer for sale.

And the merchandise!

Tee shirts and…it’s the little things that I love.

For your man cave?

And bandanas and the Buff face masks and key chains and bottle openers…

And dominos!  I’ve wanted the dominos ever since I went to the Dominos Belikin Stout championship AGES ago.

$20bzd.  Now…I just need to figure out how to look crazy-cool playing them.  That will take some time…

Until then, I watch this Belikin commercial – still the best marketing for this incredible country out there.  Gives me chills every time.

Stop in to their new store and pick up your merchandise.  Or have a draft beer before your flight.   As the Belikin Stout motto says:

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