Blue Skies Shining on Ambergris Caye…Again!

May started out with two…almost three weeks of the craziest weather.  HOT and dry.  But that’s not so crazy, according to our meteorological website, May is the hottest month of the year and one of the driest.

But HAZY grey skies.  Almost as if fires were burning in the distance.  Because…they were.

This incredibly dry weather was fostering bush and forest fires across Mexico – and particularly the Yucatan peninsula – and the smoke was covering a huge area.  Even Northern Belize.

I am glad to report that the sky is blue again.  And I’m back to taking pictures…way too many pictures.  Enjoy and if you are in the states, have a happy long beginning-of-summer holiday weekend.

Photos around town.  My favorite Flamboyant tree in town…magnificent.

Elsie in our back yard.

And our neighbors at Tuto.

I just got back from two nights at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly.

Frangiapani blooming.

This grass is like a green carpet after the rains.

The Crown of Thorns plants grow REALLY well.  And my Crape Jasmine is flowering nicely.  And smells even better.

Enjoy your weekend!

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