Mango Season is HERE!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

MANGO SEASON!  And while the weather seems to be hazy and windy. And the sargassum influx is…HEAVY.   The mangos are for sale in town and absolutely delicious.

Mango one of three yesterday.

Our neighboring resort brought in the big guns to deal with the overload of seaweed on the beach.

I walked around town a bit and took some pictures.  And…bought some mangos.  Mango season can last for a few months…or it can come in spurts.  Here today, gone tomorrow and perhaps back in a few weeks.  I can’t leave this to chance…I must buy all the delicious mangos I can.  When I can.

Yesterday I found these two types at a local fruit stand.  The rounder ones – apple mangos or “Number 11” mangos – are sweet and tart but “hairy”.  You’ll need to use dental floss after eating.  The longer thinner ones are smoother in texture but not as sweet and twangy.  A bit more of a pine after taste.

It’s like tasting fine wine.  But better.

I bought one more from this lady by the RC School. $3bzd.  (I’ve seen them for as little as $1.50 and as much as $3.50 – but a good mango is worth paying for.)

And now some pictures around town.

You can see the Sargasso on the beach – but all I could see is the GORGEOUS bougainvillea at the Holiday Hotel

Today is the referendum.  Whether to go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) with Guatemala’s claim on the southern half of Belize.  For many, it has become a referendum on the current government.  Voting is already in full swing in town.

Morning fruit sales on backa Back Street.


And heading back home.  The seaweed coming in…

And this pair of bikes that I always admire…I finally stopped to take a picture.  Covering them with electric tape like this?  It must have taken AGES!


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4 thoughts on “Mango Season is HERE!

  1. Sharon L

    CRAZY! We are so much further from mango crops in Phoenix…..mangoes are 3 for $1US right now! Going to have to pick some BZE ones up next month for a taste test!

  2. Debbie F

    Is there a Gov Office working on the seaweed issues or do the people fight it own their own? Thanks 😉 I have followed this a bit and seems to be getting worse?

  3. anonymooseSPmQQse

    i had to stop and thank that lady sellin fruits at the RC… for selling good healthy snacks to the kids… and not that crap that town board allows the others to sell to the kids.

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