Running Around on a HOT Afternoon

I know I do this each and every month but I’ll say it again.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S MAY ALREADY?  Where does time go…how can we be easing into slow season again.  And starting Hurricane Season so soon?

And HOW did my name make it on the 2019 Hurricane list?  Spelled incorrectly but good grief.  Along with mild – clearly non-threatening names like Wendy and Pablo – and more sinister ones like Nestor and Olga.  (Here’s an article containing more information on the who what why of naming storms.)

The very first tropical disturbance – over Florida now – can be seen on the National Hurricanes Center’s site.

Yesterday was HOT and breezy and I stopped at two different spots to take some photos for this bigger project I’m working on.  TBA.  Here are some snapshots of D&G Art and Jewelry located a few blocks from the High School and Mata Chica Resort, 5 miles north of town and ridiculously beautiful.

If you want to hear about the first SCUBA divers on the island – or the first person to carve corals – or darts tournaments – or about the fishing industry on Ambergris Caye or…TONS of San Pedro lore, Mr. Dimas has the SCOOP.

Did you know that Dimas is a biblical name?  I did not.  One of the bandits that was crucified with Christ – a Robin Hood type bandit.

If I was an artisan, this is how my work station would look.  My desk is very similar.

Making SEA BEANS into rosaries.  How beautiful!  (For more on sea beans and other things found on the beach of Ambergris Caye, check out this post)

And some quick photos of Mata Chica.  I need to rush off this morning…

I love these new signs around the resort.

So stunning…

Have an excellent Friday and stay cool out there.

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