A Trip to Belize City, A Bestselling Book, The Museum of Belize and An Update

Good morning all!  I promise that I will be back to my “regularly scheduled program” very soon but until then…life is FRAZZLED.  With excitement and nerves and all sorts of craziness.

I mean…first and foremost is MY BOOK.  LIVE ON AMAZON AND A BESTSELLER.  How awesome is that?

This morning’s screenshot from Amazon.  And some really cool reviews.  Excited is not the right word.

So yesterday I was off to Belize City – to try to figure out the right/best/most cost-efficient way to get this book printed and for sale on Ambergris Caye and to run some other errands.

The view from Central Park San Pedro just before I hopped aboard my water taxi to Belize City.

And some Belize City pics on my walk.

After the errands, I had half an hour – and I went to the Museum of Belize.  Where YEARS ago I saw one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen – the crown jewel of Belize.  The largest piece of jade ever found from the Maya era – the Jade Head of Belize.

The building itself is FASCINATING and terrifying.  It was the Belize Central Prison from 1857 to 1993!  And some of the display inside – and the thick iron doors and the tiny dark cells…are harrowing.

It did not look anywhere CLOSE to this beautiful when it was a prison.

Imagine a stone walled cell, barely larger than a closet and this your only light?

The Central Bank of Belize is an imposing building just behind the museum – it is, in fact, where the jade head of Altun Ha is stored when it is not on world tour or on guarded display at the museum.

Even the Central Bank of Belize hangs the dirty mops outside to dry.

Now…inside the museum.  None of the jade was on display yesterday but there were some very cool exhibits.

An exhibit by female artists of Belize.  I love this colorful table with a tiger head in the middle.

Incredible pottery.

Love this monkey.

A taxidermy display of some of the birds of Belize including this pygmy owl about the size of my hand.   I especially like anything that feeds on scorpions.

And a heartbreaking display on slavery in Belize.  Shackles and whips and stories from those times.  I didn’t take many photos but this drawing of how slaves ships were “packed” gives you a sense of it all.

I need to go back and spend some more time there.

The insect displays – beetles bigger than my fist and butterflies bluer than the sky and the stamps and coins, the old bottles found in rivers…it isn’t a large museum but I love to spend time there.  And it was a nice respite from the HEAT.

Back to book pricing and formatting and all that.

Soft copy on Amazon at the end of July and hopefully soon after in Belize!

Thank you all so much for your support.

Oh…and I think I picked the dream house for renovation in Belize City!  It’s just two doors down from the museum – on my favorite street – Gabourel Lane.

What do you think?

Good bones.  This is all theoretical of course…I didn’t even see a for sale sign.

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