Consider the Lobster Roll: Elvi’s Kitchen for Lunch

We went for lunch yesterday at one of my favorite eating spots in San Pedro – Elvi’s Kitchen.  (It just happens to be featured in my recent book:  50 BIG Experiences on Ambergris Caye, Belize.)

I was lured in by the lunch special.  $25bzd.  Lobster Roll.  The New England classic that screams SUMMER.  The sandwich that seems so simple…just a few ingredients…but differs so much by US state and even individual restaurant.

At first sight, it’s lightly dressed lobster on a fresh hot dog bun.  But so much can go wrong especially if you are a staunch supporter of a specific preparation.

Which brings me to the great Maine Lobster Roll vs. Connecticut Lobster Roll debate.  Mayonnaise vs. Butter.  Hot Lobster roll vs. cold.  Lemon?  Celery?  Green onion?

It can be SOOOO straightfoward and delicious.  Or it can be a gloppy mayonnaise-y or even worse, an oniony mess.

I like both types, I like them hot and cold.  I like a lobster roll.  I like it very much.  So we went into Elvi’s to test it out.

Elvi’s Kitchen Lobster roll is delicious.  Here are the deets.

But first – as always – I took a photo of a photo.  Displayed prominently in Elvi’s and rightly so.  Chef Jennie Staines meeting Prince Harry on his 2012 Diamond Jubilee visit to Belize.  And even more prominent in my head is ME…right in the center.  I’m still giddy when I think about my brush with royalty.

We order my favorite favorite appetizer.  Street Corn.  It has a buttery delicious sauce and some very neutral-flavored queso fresco.  Perfect for two.

Jamie got the fish tacos.  All the tacos at Elvi’s are really great – my favorite is definitely the Mango Chipotle BBQ with Beef taco plate.

It’s a hearty lunch with the habanero cream and red cabbage slaw on the side and lots of dipping sauces.

And…the main event.  The special of the day…the LOBSTER ROLL!  Served with a few onion rings, a big helping of crunchy plantain chips and some delicious cilantro-jalapeno dipping sauce.  (It’s a nice touch!  In the US, potato chips are a popular side dish to the lobster roll – and some non-lobster-roll-purists sprinkle them on top!)

All stuffed in a buttery buttery almost croissant like bun.  Nice and fresh.  The unveiling…

Lobster, light mayo, and a teeny bit of veg.  Some small slices of celery and a bit of bell pepper.  Salt and pepper and really really good.  I didn’t taste any onion in the seafood salad and I like that.  Onion can be too overpowering for delicate lobster.  The icing on the cake was a wedge of lime.  A squeeze across the top made it perfect without snuffing out the lobster flavor.  DELICIOUS.

And only my 2nd taste of lobster of the season!  (My first was at the 2019 San Pedro Lobster Festival just about a month ago celebrating the start of the season.)

For more about Elvi’s Kitchen click on my previous posts below.

A fantastic lunch at one of my favorite spots on a gorgeous day.  Get ready for a BUSY weekend coming up.  It’s the International Costa Maya Festival on Ambergris Caye and there will be music, PEOPLE, beach parties, golf cart traffic, carnival rides, pageant beauties and lots lots more.

You’ll see the glittery Becky G signs all over town.

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