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Lunch and Chocolate on the Beach in Downtown San Pedro

You’d think it would be hard to take THIS VIEW for granted…

but it’s been at least a year since I walked on the beach in downtown San Pedro.  Luckily my best friend Jamie is in town – time for day trips and lunch dates and seeing San Pedro through a visitors’ eyes.

Yesterday we ate lunch at Caliente Restaurant – and then walked the beach south for chocolates at the Belize Chocolate Company.  Here are some pictures of a beautiful HOT late July day in San Pedro Belize.

Jamie LOVES the Belize Chocolate Shop (who doesn’t!) and the Walmart of San Pedro – A&R Store.  (When A&R first opened in town – in 2011, it was filled with bizarre Chinese goods.  It’s now a mainstay in my shopping life.)

My favorite part of A&R is the $1.25bzd popcorn to enjoy while shopping.

They have an EPIC selection of school supplies – SO cheap…so plentiful.  They have so much cute duct tape right now.  I HAD to get 2 rolls.  Surely we will need it for something…

On the way to Caliente I passed a new frozen yogurt spot on Middle Street…HUGE and fancy inside!  It should be opening in the next few days.

I’ll report back.  But you can check out their Belize City Yogo Bean Facebook page.

The view from our seats at Caliente…

They were expecting a big group on the outside deck…

The restaurant is located in the Spindrift Hotel and I climbed to the 3rd floor for a quick picture.

I LOVE this carved door to the restaurant.  SO beautiful.

Chips and fresh salsa with every meal.

Tasty gorditas.

And a shrimp burrito as large as an adult forearm.

No we did not finish – room for chocolate.  We headed down the beach.  Estel’s next year…

Passing the dogs in training from Pampered Paws…

We turned to see them SIT.

And then right into the Belize Chocolate shop.  First things first.  We snagged the last THREE Tuesday special brownies.  With a caramel pecan center.

Car-mel (2 syllables) and PEE-can.  Two words that are pronounced very different depending on where in the US (or the world) you are from.

Here are the regional dialect maps.  We can fight it out in person.

The cookies were looking especially good.

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