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Postcard From San Pedro, Belize: Water Taxi, Pedicure And Photos

Morning all,

I’m working on a longer post for tomorrow about Safety in Belize – so today I will keep it a bit lighter.

As we wait for rain (MAYBE…this has been on DRY summer), here are some pictures of my trip to town yesterday and a walk about…

I walked next door to Xtan Ha Resort – my Coastal Xpress water taxi stop – for the 11:30am boat.

The combination of sargasso and higher winds over the last few days has the water quite churned up and darker near the shore.

But the water off shore – especially in the Mexico Rocks reserve area (about 6.5 miles north) is STUNNING.

Unreal.  Magic.

We stopped at a few resorts, picked up 6 or 7 people and were dropped off in the middle of town about 20 minutes later.  The prettiest bus stop in the world?

I planned to go get lunch but then I saw Sparadise and looked at my beach-worn feet and walked right in…

For more information on Sparadise – check out my last post.

After a lovely polish in a very comfortable chair – and ordering a Pesto Chicken Panini to be delivered from Lavish Habit next door – I went for a little walk thru town.

If you don’t know Lavish Habit – get to know it.  It’s SUCH a great spot with DEEEElicious baked goods, coffee and paninis.

Pink glossy polish…I probably had a bit of prance in my step.

The view by Estel’s by the Sea.

Poco Loco Food Court seems closed for good?  They have been partially closed for most of this year – with only the new Ramen place open in the back (a tough spot for business)

Ramen 501 JUST moved their shop to the big Fido’s palapa.  And now Poco Loco’s is…deserted.

You can read here about my trip to Ramen 501 just a few months ago.

These boards were propped up next to the SP Town Council.  New mascot – I like his little T-rex arms?  (I’m kidding about the mascot…the mosquitos – even 7 miles north – have not been bad yet this year.)

Town seemed quite sedate yesterday.  Things will change as kids get back to school over the next week or two.  The largest primary school is right at the southern end of town.

The outside of the RC school.

And a look towards the beach.

I headed back to the lagoon side to pick up Jeff – on his way back from the camp (Cayo Frances Farm & Fly).

We had some recent guests visiting from Costa Rica — and one, Jesse, took some AMAZING photos and put together a brief video.


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