Celebrations Take Off in San Pedro for the 10th Day Of September

Yesterday was a national holiday in Belize.

It was the 10th day of September….

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Independence Month in Belize is in FULL SWING!

221 years ago, in a final attempt to take over the area, the Spaniards took on a small but scrappy group of Brits and their slaves.  The Spanish basically controlled the entire “New World” at that time.  But after 7 days the British prevailed and expelled the Spaniards – and held onto British Honduras (later Belize) for almost 200 more years.

(The whole history is very interesting…like the boats sent from Jamaica to help the British baymen were named the Merlin, the Teazer and the Tickler)

September 10th is a national holiday in Belize and celebrates this battle for independence.  In San Pedro, it is a day to party, for many, a day off from work and a day for the uniform parade.

The new Miss San Pedro is crowned and they she is surrounded by the town council, the police force and the fire department and the MANY school children of the island.

I…arrived LATE!  For a parade.  SO OFF MY GAME.  I got caught in a golf cart traffic jam…had to ditch my cart and head up a block or two to catch the tail end of the Uniform Parade.  If you can’t beat ’em, join them.

My favorite “float” – this older potlicker just sauntering down the street with the kids.

I mean…COME ON!  SO CUTE!  And SOOOO San Pedro.

Since I missed most of the parade – I thought I’d take a quick circle around town to see some of the decorations.  It’s HOT and humid out but beautiful.  Man I love this town.

Front Street was quiet as the parade moved north.  The Marin family does such a beautiful job decorating for every single holiday.

I headed to the Back Football Field to check out the big stage – where I MISSED the crowning of our new queen.

I took a picture of the GREAT signs back there.  I wish both were in a more prominent spot since this water taxi terminal is hardly used.  (Just one boat a day – the international water taxi from Chetumal to San Pedro and back.)

And this relatively new swing set that is Instagram MAGIC.  So perfect for pictures…

And I will not lie – the sign that it is Donated by Hon. Manuel Heredia – these signs irk me.  Unless the money came from his paycheck, it was donated by the taxpayers of Belize.

I headed home…

A gorgeous RED HOT September afternoon on Ambergris Caye.

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