September in Belize. Red, White and Blue? Check. Heat? Check!

Yesterday I had an hour or so before a meeting so I went on a bit of a walk about.  San Pedro town is getting busier and busier when it comes to traffic but there is really no better way to really see and experience this island.

(If you are a first timer, a GREAT way to get the lay of the land is the Belize Food Tour.)

The island is being fully decorated for September 21st – Independence Day in Belize.

Many also celebrate independence days around Central America and Mexico.

Mexico – September 16, 1821 – the then Federal Republic of Central America (now Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua) declared Independence as well

I took a bunch of other pictures as I walked along the beach.  Clouds, humidity, sun and HEAT is the forecast for the near term!

Sleepy stair dog.

New artwork at the expanding Sandbar and Drift Inn.

Blue Tang looking beautiful.  (I need to update this post on Blue Tang!)

The Palapa Bar.

A few steps south and I was at the Phoenix – closed for a few weeks and getting painted and cleaned.  How pretty does it look?

And then next door to the south, the old San Pedro cemetery behind a thick wall on the beach.

Never too hot for a pumpkin spice latte at Lavish Habit.  (I LOVE this spot.)  Plus they have great air conditioning so you can enjoy it in comfort.

And it’s SO nice to be in town when the ladies who sell cake arrive by the post office.  God I love this tri-colored soft vanilla cake with caramel icing.

My sugar limit for the day (or maybe a few days) reached and…it was time to head home.

To decorate the cart.

I’m ready.

And some pictures this morning.  Breeze coming from the back of the island means still water and mosquitos.   Have a great weekend.

My neighbors at Tuto Belize.They have four cabanas for rent.

The dock.

And a tiny house they are building at the north end of the huge property.

My beach finds…





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