A Google Earth Update and MAN Has This Island Changed in 3 Years!

Updated Imagery on Google Maps and Google Earth Show LOTS of Changes on Ambergris Caye Over the Last 3 Years

Google Earth is a ridiculously powerful tool.  And the scope of it…stitching together millions of satellite images…digital cartography…national security concerns…is way over my head.

In large US cities, street views and satellite images are updated nearly constantly but here on Ambergris Caye, the previous “pass” we had was in 2016.  It was more recently updated for most of the island in August 2019.  Shout out to Jeff for noticing – he spends a good amount of time on it plotting new fishing areas and geeking out.  A new pass to him is like Christmas 🙂

But from massive projects on the island like La Sirene at the southern tip to the quarry up north…you don’t need to be a nuclear cartographer (that might be a made-up career) to see that a TON is going on.

Here are a few things I’ve noticed.   You can play around with Google Earth – I used Pro – which is an easy download.  It’s fun to be a spy guy.

I took some screen shots – I wish I could give you some awesome links but I’m very low level tech.

Here’s the quarry – where you see all those BIG TRUCKS coming from at about 8.5 miles north Ambergris Caye.  You can also see the large lot that was cleared in the mangroves for the potential – planned – (alleged?) high school that will be built up there.

And the future area of San Pedro Norte.

The areas mined for fill have left deep clear lakes.



And now you can see the road that has been filled from the Secret Beach – I took a picture of the entrance in this post.

Down from Secret Beach to the land across from San Pedro town.  Wonder what the plan is there??

The area south of Mahogany Bay Village has all been filled.  Mahogany Bay sits on the land above the pond.

And then all the way south – first the yellow arrow.  Where developers have cut the island with a canal and are filling like mad!

Close up of yellow arrow.

And then the very tip of the island – a HUGE project called La Sirene.

Fun with Google Earth.

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