A Gorgeous Week in Belize Except for that Pesky Malware Issue

Good morning all,

It’s been a gorgeous week on Ambergris Caye.

The weather has been hot and humid – with a heavy dose a mosquitos if you step a bit too far away from the breeze.  (Also, the farther away from town, the better chance you have of encountering the blood sucking beasts from hell.  Yesterday we were up at Robles Point with Panny – and we had a FANTASTIC time – but as the afternoon rolled on, the mosquito count increased exponentially.)

Here’s a map where you can easily see town – Robles and then Rocky Point.

And pictures fly fishing and spin fishing (or at least the aftermath of both).

** I just looked up Robles in my online Spanish-English dictionary and it means Oak Tree.  Huh.  I’ll ask my friend – the all-knowing Mito Paz about that one.  He is the Director of the San Pedro House of Culture – and the go-to person for San Pedro and Belize history questions.  I’ll get back to you.

Since Halloween proper was mid-week – there have been two full weekends to celebrate.  Today is the BIG SAGA Fundraiser – the 16th Annual Halloween Spooktacular at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar.  Music, food, raffles, fun and dogs stuffed into costumes.

Crazy Canucks and a very popular evening event also happen to be #43 in my book!

And someone or something got into my website, sent out some FALSE emails (it was not me who was trying to sell you CBD oils or medical marijuana) and posted some very poorly written posts to my blog.  So much effort putting into breaking into websites, invest some time in some grammar and creative writing classes!

Thanks to something called Sucuri, I am back on track.  Here are my photos from earlier this week- some scenery and more eating…

“My beach”

There has been no real sargasso coming in for the last few weeks and it is glorious.

Just north at Tuto.

Let’s head south – to town…

But first some ice cream at Truck Stop.  AND make sure you get the conch pizza.  Garlicky and a bit spicy, it is divine.

Two flavors of pumpkin ice cream to choose from.

But let me suggest two scoops – Nutella Cheesecake and Cookie Crumble.

Over the bridge to town.

Aba Isieni – a small restaurant and busy take-out lunch spot makes delicious fried conch.  You get a HUGE portion freshly made for $12bzd.

We took it to-go but there are seats where you can sit and enjoy.  The shrimp and the fried fish are both delicious too.

I like to get it home and eat it with Lizette’s Secret Sauce.

A girl in the seating area intent on her phone.

One more food stop at El Fogon…the best conch fritters and my favorite salbutes.

That’s it from me for today – my newsletter is going out tomorrow – if you haven’t signed up, you can do it below.

AND more…lots more…on our trip with Panny to Oak Tree Point.

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