COLD FRONT! Blissful Cooler Breezes Bring Temps into Low 70s on Ambergris Caye

It was a very very hot summer on Ambergris Caye.  But this week, the winds shifted…and we are currently enjoying our first real cold front.

Don’t panic…it looks like this.

COLD FRONT!  TOGETHER WEATHER!  CHRISTMAS TIME!  The time of year when the wind blows from the north, humidity dips below 90 percent (HELLO GOOD HAIR!) and locals bundle up as if it is going to snow.

It is not going to snow.  It has never snowed in Belize.  The temperature is in the low 70s and it feels fantastic.  (The lowest temperature indication I could find was the high 30s in the 1960s! This newscast in awesome in about 10 different ways)

As I type this (9am on Sunday morning) – it is 47 degrees in Houston Texas and 58 degrees in Miami.  Now THAT is cold.  (Do you know that it actually DID snow ONCE in Miami?  THAT must have been a shock.  And it does snow in Houston!  Who knew?)

Note:  I find the BEST weather forecast for Ambergris Caye to be Windfinder.

I digress…as usual.  My main point is…the weather is beautiful and feel gorgeous.  I walked outside in a full-blown sweatsuit this morning.  Overkill perhaps…but it kept the mosquitos at bay.

Here are some pictures around town – everything looks sparkly and gorgeous.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…

I’ll start in town and move north.

Love the repurposing but this tarp would scare me every morning when I woke up.

Look how pretty the beach looks!  Looking straight at Lily’s Treasure Chest…

Heading up to Boca Del Rio and the Palapa Bar.

Heading north.  I had to stop into Truck Stop to taste the new ice cream flavor.  Butter Brickle…it’s just too tempting.

A renaming of the Arepa truck and a new paint job.  Though I think this one was revised again…


Delicious.  And the cones are SO good.  But I’m still going to pick Cookie Crumble as my favorite flavor at the Truck Stop.  A cheesecake-y base…graham cracker chunks.  It’s just heaven.

A bit farther north – there was a neighborhood watch meeting at the conference room at Grand Caribe.  I HAD to take a few pictures.

Beach At Grand Caribe November

And then home to 7 miles north – to drag the dogs out of bed.  They are Belizean – and this weather is COLD.  They are either lying in bed looking sad and cold or in the direct sunlight.

Don’t make us go outside!

And some quick pictures of Cayo Frances Farm and Fly over the last few days…

The weather has been grand.  For more information on many of these spots, see below.

And see my book…MY BOOK!  With lots of details and information on my favorite things to do on Ambergris Caye.

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