Pre-Thanksgiving Frazzled on Ambergris Caye

Frazzled ‘fra-zeld:

The feeling of having 1001 things going on but not actually accomplishing/completing any of them. Origins: Unknown. Thought to be a combination of frizzy (as in hair from the high humidity of Belize) and frenzy. Possibly some Yiddish. Cure: Naps, reading in bed, naps and Netflix binging. Usage: “Others rolled their eyes as the blogger told them how frazzled she felt by her life on a Caribbean island.

I think that’s really enough said. I’ll share the pictures of my week so far. I’m heading to the camp (Cayo Frances Farm & Fly) for the very American holiday of Thanksgiving. It is being celebrated all over the island for a few reasons: This is the first big tourism week of the “high season” and many visitors like to celebrate Thanksgiving. Belizeans LOVE a good turkey dinner like everyone else. It’s a good chance to make some money AND enjoy delicious overeating.

Buying up the imported sweet potatoes at the Greenhouse. The local ones are delicicous too – but a bit too starchy for my needs.

I also found these SUPER CUTE local pumpkins. Hard as rocks but perfect for my Thanksgiving table.

Pictures of yesterday’s quick walk thru town. I’d taken the Coastal Xpress to town – our golf cart has broken down for the 10th time this year? The company is under new management and now docking at Fido’s Dock. (Google for information or call at 226-2007 – the website does not seem to be working)

Ride into town.

Once I arrived, the weather was a DREAM.

The Phoenix sparkling…

And Paradise Villas just next door…

I had books to drop off. Did I mention that I wrote a book? A handful are finally for sale in San Pedro at the French Bakery and the Flight Cafe just across from the airstrip. You can, of course, still buy them on Amazon! It’s actually a Best Seller on Amazon. I am so grateful and honestly? Still in disbelief that I finished it. And you guys are buying it and…it’s all so crazy awesome.

Stocking stuffers?

I dropped a copy off with beautiful Miss Maria who I’ve known since I moved here 12 years ago. Her picture and her fruit stand (and her cat Mama) are in the book…

I also dropped off 8 books at one of the cutest hotels that I’ve seen in a while. I drive past Cocotel Cabanas and Inn every single day but I’ve never turned down the driveway. Yes…of course I now love them because they got a book for each of their rooms but look how beautiful this spot is!

Absolutely STUNNING beachfront.

Time to get moving…errands and shopping and getting my picture taken for the San Pedro Sun (EEEEK!) and to the camp. More later…

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